Sunday, November 27, 2022




This city is known as the 'city of the Cosmic Dancer'.  It is 245 Kms away from Madras. The image of Nataraja (the dancing Shiva)  represented by the bronze image known throughout the world as the most perfect synthesis in metal of art. The best time to visit the place is during April/ May and December / February. 

The Chitrakootam

The Chitrakootam is another shrine, situated adjacent to the Nataraja temple is dedicated to Lord Govindraja.  It has five halls. The Nritta sabha, the hall of immortal dance has 56 pillars depicting dance figures. The Deva Sabha was the hall of festivals and meeting place of the administrators. The Chit sabha (Hall) houses the Akasa Lingam and Kanaka sabha houses the Nataraja image.