Thursday, February 22, 2024



Demon Worship

Rural folk pay homage to demons to avert their displeasure  worship also extends to the deities which rule the demons in order to induce their intervention.  The disembodied  spirits  of human  beings who have met with a violent or sudden death  by accident  or murder are supposed to be capable of evil. They are believed to live  in the trees and  even to wander  hither and thither. So  an area is unbuilt in house-sites as passage of demons when houses are constructed  adjoining  the temples of goddess. Sometimes  the demons are said to be occupy the body of a man  or a young girl during puberty  and all he or she does is said to be hand work of the demon.

The Visitations of a demon are said to cause death among cattle. Tradition demands that blood be spilt for appeasement and living animals are included  in the offering .

The places  in which demons are worshipped are pay-koils  or temples of demons. These devil temples are puny structures  resembling tombs or mounds  of earth in pyramidal  shape, near a large tree, which is supposed to be the abode of demons. 

 In these temples,  anyone  may assume the role of a priest  when he is overcome by emotion  or impulse and dance as a devil. The devil dancing person is adored and sacred  ash accepted  from him with great reverence  solemnity and above all fear.