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Besides gods there are  other forms of worship. They are :-

Worship of Spiritual Personages 

Places hallowed by the birth or other associations or evolved souls are held  in great veneration. A temple, a mound or a monument is erected  at these spots. A tree in Nerur near  Karur on the banks of the Cauvery, where Sadasiva  Brahmendra gave up his mortal remains.  Thiuvamur in South Arcot  district, the Birth place of saint appear, Tiruchuzhail and Tiruvannamalai, the place of the birth and the Ashram of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Sri Perumpudur associated with the birth of Sri Ramanuja  are instances of places held in reverence . Wayside stones are installed to perpetuate  munis or ascetics to invoke their blessings, new - born babies are named Munian, Munuswamy and Muniyandi.

Great poets and scholars  too are honoured by erection of monuments . The memory of Thiruvalluvar is commemorated by a small temple on the out skirts  of Mylapore that of the poet Kamban by a samadhi at Nattarasam Kottai . Earth  from around this mound is applied to the forehead of children, before their  initiation to letters in order to assure academic success.