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Musical Instruments

Percussion Instruments

Nagara is a large hemispherical kettle-drum used in temples, struck with two curved sticks and carried on a decorated elephant. It is played before and after making important announcements.

Damaram is a conical instrument with a shell of wood and braces of leather, placed on a bullock and played with two sticks, one of them curved and other straight.

Membra Phones

Udukki is an instrument held in the left hand and played by the finger of the right hand. It is used in all folk temples and is an emblem of Shiva. Davandai is a large Udukki and is played with a stick.

Gummati is a pot-shaped drum held in horizontal posture while playing.

Ekkalam is an s-shaped horn played with the trumpet and the drum.

Pambai is a pair of coloured and painted cylindrical drums used in temple festivals.