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In Hindi : Haldi

Turmeric is the dried rhizome of a herbaceous plant. It is the most popular spice as a beauty aid. The spice is sometimes called 'Indian Saffron'.

Indian turmeric has been known to the world since ancient times. Its antiseptic and preservative properties make Indian turmeric an ideal choice as a food flavour, an effective ingredient in medicines and cosmetics. It is an antidote against poison.

As a beauty aid turmeric paste prevents and cures pigmentation, maintains pH factor and makes skin glowing. Taken internally it purifies the blood. With all its unique properties, Indian turmeric is considered the best in the world.

India is today the largest exporter of turmeric to countries like the Middle East, the UK, USA and Japan. Some of the well-accepted varieties are : 'Alleppey Finger' (from Kerala), 'Madras Finger', and 'Erode turmeric' (from Tamil Nadu), Rajapore' and 'Sangli turmeric' (from Maharashtra) and 'Nizamabad Bulb' (from Andhra Pradesh). India also exports turmeric in powder form and as oleoresins. 

Medicinal tip
For sore eyes and conjunctivitis - A lotion of turmeric and tamarind leaves boiled in water helps to relieve pain and swelling.