Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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In Hindi  : Adarak

Ginger is used since time immemorial. It is a major crop cultivated in India and marketed as fresh and dried spice. It is a small grassy plant grown in all seasons throughout the year. Indian Ginger is famous for its flavour, texture and taste.

More than a spice ginger is considered as a taste maker, a drug, an appetizer and a flavourant. Superior quality of ginger is produced from Kerala though it is grown throughout the country. The congenial climate and the fertile soil helps to produce quality ginger.

In the world market Indian ginger is popularly known as 'cochin ginger' (NUGC) and 'calicut ginger' (NUGK). 

Ginger is available in a variety of forms like oils, oleoresins, fresh and dry ginger. It is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. 

It is used in brine, pickles, candies and syrups. Garbled/ungarbled, bleached/unbleached and powder forms of ginger is also marketed.

India has a predominant position in ginger production and export. The principal buyers are the Middle East, USA, UK and the Netherlands .

For relief from cold, headache and cough.... Mix 6 grams of dry ginger powder and 30 grams jaggery with melted ghee. Store this mixture as a bolus and swallow it mornings and evenings.
Fresh ginger juice is used to ease indigestion and stomach pain.