Thursday, October 21, 2021
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In Hindi : Lahsun

Garlic is a hardy bulbous perennial of the lily family, with narrow flat leaves. It has an attractive flavour and acknowledged medicinal value. It is one of the 'trinity' of flavours along with ginger and onion in Indian cuisines.

Garlic acts as a flavouring agent in variety of dishes. In Pickles it acts as a preservative-flavourant. Garlic pickles and freshly ground garlic chutneys are popular side dishes for rice, snacks and chappathis. Garlic oil are used in ready-made spice-mixes,  pharmaceuticals and disinfectants.

Garlic is cultivated in most parts of India. Some of the internationally acclaimed varieties of Indian garlic are 'poona ', 'Nasik', 'Madurai' and 'Jamnagar'. Besides, Garlic powder and dehydrated flakes, India also exports oils and oleoresins.

Garlic help to purify the blood and lower blood pressure. It also aid digestion, lower cholesterol and prevent flatulence. It is considered as a cure for heart ailments. It improves hair growth.