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Nutmeg And Mace

In Hindi : Jaiphal and Javitri

Nutmeg is a spreading evergreen tree. This unisexual tree is quite unique in that is bears two separate and distinct products; nutmeg which is the kernel of the seed, and  Mace which is the dried aril that surrounds the nutmeg within the fruit.

Both nutmeg and mace are used  in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is used in pulaous, biryanis especially Mughlai types. They are also used as an ingredient in biscuits, cookies, fruit salad, puddings, pastries and milk drinks.

The oil forms of nutmeg and mace are frequently used in meat seasoning, soft-drinks and pharmaceuticals, especially in cough mixtures.

Kerala and Karnataka are the main producers of nutmeg and mace.

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