Thursday, October 21, 2021
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In Hindi : Hing

Asafoetida or asafetida (Devil's dung) is the dried latex (oleo-gum-resin) exuded from the living rhizome, rootstock or taproot of an unbelliferous plant of varied species.

A popular spice in foods and medicines, being unique in blend and made with finest ingredients, Indian Asafoetida enjoys an exalted positions in the International market. 

The two types of Asafoetidas used commonly are white and the dark. Though the composition of both varieties is the same, white Asafoetida is water-soluble while the dark one is fried in the oil and  powdered for use in cuisines. It is an essential ingredient in Indian dishes Rasam & Sambhar. Asafoetida is claimed to be an aphrodisiac and a preventive medicine for infectious diseases. It helps digestion and prevents flatulence. 

Commercially, Indian Asafoetida comes in three forms:- 'tears, mass and paste', according to the quality. Another classification names two varieties :- 'Hing, and Hingra' which are again sub-divided on the basis of criteria like place of origin, flavour and colour.

India exports several types of Asafoetida. Major among them are Hing and Hingra, Irani Hing, Pathani Hing, Hadda, Sweet, Bitter, White and Dark.