Sunday, August 14, 2022


Government  cottage Industries Institute 

The multi craft institute originally named  after the last Chogyal Palden Thondup, is an academy of craftsmanship. The locally made handicraft products are sold at the institute.  Foremost among the institute's products are the beautiful hand woven woolen carpets with traditional Sikkimese motifs and unique designs and combinations of rich colours. These attractively  designed carpets are in great demand in Sikkim and abroad. The handsome  woolen texture are durable, plush and are dyed not with synthetic dyes but traditional vegetable Sikkimese dyes. The designs vary from sophisticated harmonising tones to the brilliant rioting of vermilions against intense blues.

Another exclusive product of the institute is the Sikkimese table locally called as Choktse. These foldable Choktse are prepared in varying designs and dimensions. The Sikkimese hand made paper is another product of the institute  demanded inside and out side the state. The traditional Sikkimese weaves and woolen  blankets which can be designed into bags, shawls, jackets, opulent Sikkimese thankas (traditional tapestry ), leather works, dolls, variegated applique work, batiks, an exquisite selection  of dolls and a variety  of fashionable garments for modern people are the other displayed specialties  of the institute.

Gate ways 

The Gate ways for Gangtok city have been designed  in a very attractive and artistic manner. There is a strange enchantment and charm  about these gates. The gate that spans the entrance to Tashiling the secretariat has  a beauty of its own. The Sikkimese art and the minute skill depicted by the Sikkimese artists is visible on these structures.

Deer park 

On the southern  fringes of Tashiling, overhauling a valley that drops a sheer thousand metres below, is located the Gangtok's Deer Park. There  is an image of Lord Buddha enshrined in the Deer  Park in his preaching posture.

The park is a sanctuary for deer, brought from Sikkim and other neighbouring lands and symbolises the quest for peace and harmony between neighbours. To walk around, to the soothing ripples of the Rongnek stream added with the charming site of spotted deer and long horned antelopes would really prove to be a prized walk.Orchid Sanctuary

Orchid Sanctuary 

Orchid Sanctuary is situated  below the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. A large variety of orchids ranging from the commonest variety to rarest ones are found in the sanctuary. Sikkim is renowned for rich and numerous varieties of orchids.


 At a distance  of about 21 km from Gangtok is located a historic Kabi or Khabelongstok the venue  where blood brother hood was sworn between Khye-Bumsa, the renowned ancestor of Namgyals, the former  ruling house of Sikkim and Thekong Tek the then and last Lepcha chieftain amid sacrifices and the looming form of the revered and sacred Kanchanjunga. A memorial stone adorns the place as a testimony to the historic and sacred agreement.  Prayer flags stand guard on the hill above and people from all corners of the state come with offerings of flowers to pray at the sacred spot.