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Hindu Gods and Goddess

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Subrahmanya is the son of Siva and Parvati. Etymologically the word Subrahmanya means 'one who tends the spiritual growth of the aspirants'.  He is said to have been born to destroy the demon Tarakasura. The sixth day of a lunar month (sasthi) is considered sacred to him. His temples are usually found on hill-tops. Etymologically the word ' Subrahmanya' means 'one who tends the spiritual growth of the aspirants'.

Subrahmanya , the Sanmukha, is depicted with six heads and twelve hands, all of them being attached to one trunk resting on two feet.

Subrahmanya has two consorts Valli and Devasena. The former is the daughter of a humble chieftain of a race given to agriculture and woodcraft.  The latter is the daughter of Indra, the kind of gods. This shows that God does not make nay distinction between the humble folk and the elite.

The peacock is his mount. It is shows as belaboring a snake with one its legs.

In South India, Siva and Parvati's son is also known Ayyappan and Murugan.