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Christianity | Development Christian ways and Practices | Christians In India

The followers of Jesus Christ are called Christians. Christianity has the largest number of followers in the world. Jerusalem, the place where Christ lived and preached is considered to be the most sacred for Christians all over the world. 


Jesus Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea in 4.B.C.  Until he was 30, Jesus lived in Nazareth as an ordinary carpenter. Then he plugged into a very active public life for about three years. During these years he preached that God is a loving and merciful Father. Jesus insisted only on the necessity of showing our love towards God through loving our fellowmen without any distinction or reservation. He was the setting example for his own preaching. He treated both the sinner and the saint with the utmost love and respect. Jesus became a revolutionary figure among the Jewish religious leaders. They presented Gods as being always demanding, angry and ready to punish. They forced the ruling Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate to crucify and kill Jesus.

Son of God

But the life of the Jesus did not end with his death on the cross. He rose from the tomb on the third day, thus proclaiming to the world the hope of universal resurrection after death. His disciples realized that Jesus was not an ordinary man, but the "Son of God" who really became man, in order to announce to the world, Gods love and concern for human race. He wanted to bring peace on earth. He strengthened his Apostles with the help of the Holy spirit, to preach his teachings and spread the good news about God the loving father to the entire human race.

The Bible

Bible, the holy book of the Christians has two parts, namely "The Old Testament" and "The New Testament". The old holy Bible Testament presents Gods dealing with men before Christ and gives the history of the Jewish people roughly for a period of 2000 years before Christ. The New Testament records the life and preaching of Jesus, his death and resurrection, the growth of Christianity  in its early years and the message of the Apostles sent to various churches.

Bible is considered as the holy book of Christians because it is believed that bible was written under the guidance and inspiration of God. The Bible has a  collection of 73 books. In 'The Old Testament' 46 books and in 'The New Testament' 27 books.