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Odisha (Orissa)
Area    : 155,707 SqKm
Capital : Bhubaneswar
Districts         : 30
Language : Oriya 
Population : 41,974,218 (2011 census)
Literacy : 72.87% (2011 census)
State Bird : Peacock
State Animal : Elephant
State Flower : Lotus
State Tree : Banyan
Odisha (Orissa) map

Odisha (Orissa) extends from 17o 49'N to 22o 34'N latitude and from 81o 29'E to 87o 29'E longitude on the eastern coast of India. It has an area about 155,707 Sq Km. according to the Census of India 1991. It is bounded by West Bengal in north-east, Bihar in the north, Madhya Pradesh in the west, Andhra Pradesh in the south and the Bay of Bengal in the east. Odisha (Orissa) was separated from Bihar and came into existence on 1 April 1936. The capital was established at the historic city of Cuttack, located at the apex of the Mahanadi delta. In 1956, it shifted to Bhubaneswar, a planned modern town of the post-independence period.


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Odisha (Orissa) - the state located on the eastern coast of India os a place of tourist importance.

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