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Sanjay Subramanian, a powerful and energetic singer, is an outstanding exponent of Carnatic Music.SANJAY SUBRAMANIAN His strong and vibrant voice, rich and fertile imagination and an excellent blend of tradition and modernity have helped him win a permanent place in the hearts of music lovers all over the world. His music has an endearing quality that connects him to any audience that he performs for. Sanjay has performed with excellence and has enthralled the music loving audience in different parts of India and abroad. He is a Graduate in Commerce and a qualified Chartered and Cost Accountant. 

Sanjay Subramanian has undergone intensive training for a period of over 27 years under several great musical teachers. His introduction to Carnatic music, at the young age of seven, was via the violin. He started his training from Mr. V. Lakshminarayana (better known as the father of the violin wizards L Vaidyanathan, L. Shankar and Dr. L. Subramaniam). He then switched to vocal music and received his initial training from his grand aunt, Smt Rukmini Rajagopalan. The training under Calcutta Sri K S Krishnamurthy, led to innovations, which further sharpened his skills. He continues his quest for knowledge and receives guidance from Nadaswaram maestro Sembanarkoil SRD Vaidyanathan, even today at the height of his successful career. He is also a good teacher. For many a student of the current day, he is indeed a role model.

SANJAY SUBRAMANIANSanjay began his concert career in 1986. He has been giving concerts all over India and in different countries around the globe. Some of his career highlights have been that he features regularly in premier organizations promoting Indian classical music all over India. He also regularly tours the North American continent covering more than 50 different cities. He is the first Carnatic vocal artiste to perform twice at the prestigious Theatre De La Ville, Paris. Sanjay was also the sole representative of the Carnatic music tradition at the La Marde Musicas festival at Cartagena, Spain.

Sanjay has performed in all the major institutions, festivals and sabhas in India and has been applauded by critics and music lovers. He is an `A` Grade artiste of All India Radio. He has released several cassettes and CDs and is a popular favorite at record stores. He is the recipient of the Outstanding Junior Musician award from the Annual Conference of the Madras Music Academy. Sanjay Subramanian has also been honoured with the Sangeetha Kalasarathy award in recognition of his contribution to Carnatic music at the December music festival at Vidya Bharathi. 

Sanjay is a musician, whose music is a happy and healthy synthesis of the traits in the styles of many maestros of the past, but not even for a moment appearing to be imitative of anybody. He is an achiever in all branches of classical music like fine awareness of sruti values, grip on the idiom of ragas and rhythm, a rich repertory of classical compositions, a mind open to new ideas and an unfailing sense of aesthetics. Sanjay has been acclaimed as one of the most serious exponents of Carnatic music in his generation.  

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