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Navarathri Mandapam Concerts - Schedule 2016

Place : Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Date : 2nd - 10th October
Time : 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm 
Venue : Navarathri Mandapam, Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple   

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  2.10.2016 - Sunday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti & Raga : "Devi Jagath Janani" - SANKARABHARANAM
Smt. Parassala B. Ponnammal Vocal 
Smt S.R.Rajashree Violin  
Palghat Sri Maheshkumar Mridangam
Udupi Sri Sridhar Ghatam
Tirunakkara Sri Rateesh Morsing
  3.10.2016 - Monday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti & Raga: "Pahimam Sree Vageeswari" - KALYANI
Prof.Mavellikara P.Subramaniam Carnatic Vocal 
Trivandrum Sri Sampath Violin
Dr G.Babu  Mridangam
Alathur Sri Rajaganesh  Kanjira
 4.10.2016 - Tuesday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti : Devi Pavane - SAVERI
Prof.Thamarakkad Govindan Namboothiri  CarnaticVocal
Sri Edapally Ajith Violin
Vaikom Sri Venugopal Mridangam
Adichanalloor Sri Anilkumar Ghatam
 5.10.2016 - Wednesday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti : Bharati Maamava- THODI
Prof K.Venkataramanan Carnatic Vocal
Sri S.R.Mahadeva Sharma (Watch Performance) Violin
Chertalai Sri Krishnakumar  Mridangam
Vazhapalli Sri Krishnakumar  Ghatam
 6.10.2016 - Thursday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti & Raga: 'Janani Mamava'  - BHAIRAVI
Prince Rama Varma (Watch interview) Vocal
Avaneeswaram Sri S.R.Vinu Violin
Sri B. Harikumar Mridangam
Dr. S.Karthick (Watch video interview) Ghatam
Payannur Sri Govinda Prasad Morsing
 7.10.2016 - Friday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti : Saroruhasana Jaaye - KAMAVARDHINI
Kumari Amrutha Venkatesh Carnatic Vocal
Avaneeswaram Sri S.R.Vinu Violin
Sri S. J. Arjun Ganesh Mridangam
Dr. S.Karthick (Watch video interview) Ghatam
Payyanur Sri Govinda Prasad Morsing
 8.10.2016 - Saturday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti & Raga: 'Janani Pahi' - SHUDDHA SAVERI
Sri T.V. Gopalakrishnan (Watch Interview) Vocal
Sri. S. Varadarajan   Violin
Sri Padmanabhan  Mridangam
Tripunithura Sri Radhakrishnan Ghatam
 9.10.2016 - Sunday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti & Raga: 'Pahi Janani' - NATTAKURINJI
Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan Carnatic Vocal
Sri. S. Varadarajan        Violin
Nanjil Sri Arul  Mridangam
Perumkavu Sri P.L. Sudheer (Watch Performance) Ghatam
 10.10.2016 - Monday (6 PM - 9.00 PM)

Main Kriti & Raga: 'Pahi Parvathanandini' - ARABHI
Sri Kashyap Mahesh Carnatic Vocal
Sri B.Anantakrishnan Violin
Neyveli Sri Venkatesh Mridangam
Manjoor Sri Unnikrishnan Ghatam
Contact Address:
Navarathri Trust, Fort Palace Office,
East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 023
Prince Rama Varma, 
Kaudiar Palace, Trivandrum -695003, Kerala, India
Email: Contact Now  

The ambience at the concert venue is something to be experienced to be believed. Perfectly balanced acoustics, lighting by oil lamps, the divine grace of the Goddess in whose honour the concerts are conducted, utterly disciplined and informed audience, the feeling of having travelled back in time by around two centuries.....the list is endless.

There are some restrictions though.

1) Only Hindus are allowed inside since it is a temple.

2) Men have to wear a mundu/veshti/dhothi and take off their shirts.

3) Everybody has to be seated by 6:00 pm at the latest.

4) Nobody can leave before the concerts finish.

5) The concerts start at 6:00 pm Sharp and finish at 9:00 pm Sharp this year, except on the last two days. (Please check out the timing for each day)

6) Since the concerts are done as offerings to the Devi and not as "Performances" there is no appalause.

7) Mobile phones are STRICTLY Forbidden inside.

8) The main krithi for each day is fixed. A speaker will be kept outside the steps of the Shree Padmanabhaswami Temple (Which is adjacent to the Navarathri Mandapam) for the benefit of those who wouldn't be prepared to follow all the restrictions listed above, but would still like to enjoy the concerts. A chunk of each concert would normally be broadcast by the All India Radio, Trivandrum on all days from 9:30 pm till 11:00 pm.