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Mohammed Rafi was a famous playback singer. He was born on 25 December 1924 in Punjab. Even at a young  age he was more fond of music than studies. 

MOHAMMED RAFIHe started learning music from the famous Hindustani singer Chotte Gulam Ali Khan. Later he became the disciple of Firoze Nizam.  When Firoze was appointed as a music director in Lahore Radio Station, Rafi got an opportunity to sing in the radio. It was a turning point in his life.

He sang first for a Punjabi movie. Then in Nazeer Khan's 'Leila Majnu', Rafi began his career as a singer in the Hindi film field. But as a singer he succeeded for his songs in the film 'Gavom ke gori'. His songs in films like 'Jugnu' and 'Baiju Bavra' made him very popular. He also used to sing in various other languages. More than 26,000 songs are recorded in his name. Famous music director Naushad and Rafi had a remarkable relationship. Their team work created many hit songs.

He was very punctual and faithful to his profession. He encouraged and welcomed new comers. His famous songs are 'oh duniya ke rakwale' (Baiju Bavra), 'ghun ghuna rehe hai' (Aradhana), 'kya hua tera vaada' (Hum kise se Kum nahin), 'yaham badla vaham kya he' (Jugnu) etc. He has performed in around thirty eight musical concerts abroad.

He got Padmashree Award in 1965 from India Government and National award twice. He also got Film fare Award for the best singer several times. His last recording was on May 26, 1980. He died on July 31, 1980.

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