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KUNDAN LAL SAIGALKundan Lal Saigal,  the famous singer was born on April 11,1904 in Jammu and Kashmir. Even at a young age he had a special talent for singing folk songs beautifully.He was very much influenced by his mother who used to sing Punjabi religious bhajans. He also had talent in acting.

Saigal's initial performance was at the age of 12 in the Darbar of Maharaja Prathap Singh. Later he left home and took up various jobs in order to earn a living.

His visit to Kolkatta in 1932 for an official matter, was a turning point in his life. There he met the famous film cum music director R.C.Boral and he gave a chance for Saigal. He stepped into the film field by singing R.C.Boral's songs in the film 'Pooran Bagath'. The songs of this film attracted the music lovers in India. He got chances to sing and act in the films of New Theaters. He became popular as an actor after releasing the film 'Devdas'. His association with the famous film producer and director Chandulal Shah in 1941 gave him a chance to enter the Hindi film world.

Some of Saigals' famous songs are 'soja rajakumari soja' and 'jab dil hi toot gayaa',  'karoom kya asniraz bari' (dushman), 'main kya janoo kya jadoo hai (zindhagi) etc. He died on January 18,1947 at the age of 43.

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