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The Sarod is one of the most popular stringed instrument of North India. It is mainly a solo instrument. But in recent years, owing to its deep and rich tone which blends easily with other instruments it plays an important role in the composition of modern Indian orchestras.

Sarod is very much similar to rabab, a popular instrument of the middle East. 

SARODThe Sarod is three or three and half feet long and is made of wood. One end of the body is rounded nearly half a foot in diameter and is covered with parchment. The round part gradually joins the neck. There are six metallic main strings including the side strings for the drone and rhythmic accompaniment.

These strings are fastened to pegs at the neck end of the instrument. In some varieties, a small gourd is also attached to the neck end. It has eleven or twelve sympathetic strings which help to improve the resonance. The finger-board is covered with a polished metal plate to facilitate the sliding of the fingers.

The instrument is played with a plectrum held in the right hand while the fingers of the left hand are used for stopping the strings and playing the notes.

There are a number of artists who have excelled at this instrument.  The most famous persons  are Amjad Ali Khan and Ali Akbar Khan.


Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
Ayaan Ali Khanvideo

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