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Branches of Ayurveda

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There are 8 branches in Ayurveda ('Ashtanga Ayurveda'):- 

 1. Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) - It deals with the diseases which are caused by the impairment of digestion and metabolism. 'Kaya' means agni (Digestive fire) or the enzymes responsible for the digestion as well as metabolism.

2. Koumara Brutya (Paediatrics)

3. Bhoota Vaidya (Psychiatry)

4. Agadatantra (Toxicology)

5. Shalakya Tantra (ENT and Ophthalmology)

6. Shalya Tantra ( Surgery)

7. Rasayana (Geriatrics) - Science of Rejuvenation. It deals with health and care of old people.

8. Vajeekarana (Virilisation Therapy) 

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 1.  Posted on : 29.5.2015  By  :  rutuja thorat , loni View Answer (1) Post Answer

how much marks should get in CET for bams to get admission in government college?


above to 50%

  Posted By :vishal , vpo jant sairwas | On 11.1.2018
 2.  Posted on : 4.2.2011  By  :  priyanka , bangalore View Answer (1) Post Answer

what are the scope after completing (ayurveda) bams only as i want to join research so is it necessary to do PG in ayurveda


yes it will provide u more scope if u will do pg ,but if u want to join only for job purpuse then no use.

  Posted By :dr. sandeep khrangr , haryana | On 28.8.2011
 3.  Posted on : 30.11.2009  By  :  paramjit , delhi View Answer (1) Post Answer

is it mandatory to go for enterance test for BAMS studies and whent it will be conducted?


yes ,it is as mendatory as like m.b.b.s.not any seperate test is conducted,it is most likely on the basis of common medical enterance test

  Posted By :dr.tanvi gupta , j n k | On 18.9.2012
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