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Madhya Pradesh
Area    : 443,446
Capital : Bhopal
Districts         : 50
Language : Hindi
Population : 72,597,565(2011 Census)
Literacy : 70.63% (2011 Census)
State Bird : Paradise Fly catcher
State Animal : Swamp Deer
State Flower : Parrot Tree
State Tree : Banyan
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A part of Madhya Pradesh has been separated and formed into a new state Chattisgarh from November 1, 2000. The details given here are before the separation. Click on Chattisgarh for more information. Madhya Pradesh situated in the centre of India, is surrounded by Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh in the south, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in the north, Bihar and Orissa in the east and Gujarat in the west. The state of Madhya Pradesh came into existence on November 1, 1956.

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Andhra Pradesh is the third largest state in India and it forms the major link between the north and the south of India. It is the biggest and most populous state in the south of India.

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The exquisite taste for making handicrafts is an important trait of the tribals of Madhya Pradesh.. .