Monday, November 28, 2022
Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh consistedBhimbetka-neolithic rock of the region called Malwa. The Malwa region was occupied by the predecessors of the Bhils, Gonds and other tribes who had to confront the Aryans. The Aryans who were stronger pushed the tribal inhabitants to the south of the Vindhyas. The Malwa region is also found to have evidences of a civilization contemporary to the Indus Valley Civilization.

This region excelled in art and architecture during the period of Buddhism when this area witnessed the rule of Mauryan empire till 327 B.C. The Sungas also established their influence over this region. The rule of Vikramaditya lasted from 78AD to 388AD and after this Chandragupta II ruled from 388 to 401AD.A After the decline of the Guptas, by the 10th century Malwa was under King Bhoja II of the Paramaras. Internal rivalry between the tribes and the Rajputs made it easy for the Muslims to establish their rule which lasted till 1401AD.The Khiljis under Mahmud Khilji ruled from 1435-1459. The invasion of Babar paved the way for establishment of a strong Muslim rule from 1526 to 1530. The Sur dynasty under Sher Shah also had its influence on it. In 1562 Akbar made it a part of the Mughal empire and it remained a part of Mughal empire till the 18th century. The tribal, Gonds gained control of Malwa after the decline of the Mughals followed by the Marathas from 1690.Though this area too fell under the British jurisdiction it was administered by the Marathas who ceded it to the British completely by 1817. In 1948 after independence this region of Malwa was joined with regions of Indore and Bhopal. In 1956 it was organised into the present Madhya Pradesh.