Sunday, March 3, 2024

Fairs and Festivals

Sri Vithappa Fair

Sri Vithappa fair is held in honour of Vithappa deity of the village. It is observed for three days immediately after Shigi Hunnive. About 7 to 8 thousand people gather at the time. The deity is taken out in a palanquin in a procession accompanied by about 60 parties of drummers from different parts of the state. The devotees offer sheep to the deity. The Pujari sells them and the amount realized is credited to the temple funds. Devotees bring pure milk and they consider it a good omen if it gets converted into curds before offering it to the deity. Another feature of this fair is that a person from Chunchanoor village, picks out some grains in his palm from some bags kept in the temple. The grain he picks out is then to be the crop which will have rich yield that year.