Monday, August 15, 2022


Once Known as Mysore State, Karnataka has a finely balanced mix of natural attractions and superb historic architecture. The state appeals equally to temple lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers and beach bums.

The Western Ghats, called the Malnad (Hill Country) have beautiful forests with waterfalls and wildlife parks. Three great rivers originate in the Ghats- the Cauvery, the Tungabadra, and the Krishna. Some, like the short westward flowing Sharavati, have very impressive waterfalls, Jog Falls being one of the highest in the World.

From time immemorial, Karnataka is renowned as the abode of Carnatic music, a unique form of Indian classical music. But in the twentieth century, it is better known for its rich culture, architecture, industries and other diverse attractions. On November 1st 1973, the state name was changed to Karnataka. It is no wonder that Karnataka is known as the "Cradle of Architecture" for its profusion of splendid monuments including the oldest Lad Khan Temple at Aihole, which dates back to the 5th century; the magnificent Mysore palace, World Heritage sites at Hampi and Pattadackal and so on. At Hampi one can observe Indian sculptures and other centuries old architectural marvels in all its splendor.

Karnataka is one of the fastest growing states in terms of Industries and facilities. The Capital City Bangalore, presently known as Bengaluru can be termed as the IT hub of India.

Everything in Karataka is an intense experience for the tourist. Karnataka unfolds a variety of tourist destinations, from historic places to wildlife parks, religious places to spectacular waterfalls. Some of the main tourist places include Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Jog Falls, Pattadackal Temple, Sravanbelagola,  Srirangapatna etc. These places indicate a variety and richness of attractions.

The state is bounded by the states of Maharashtra and Goa in the North and North-West; by the Arabian sea in the West; by Kerala and Tamilnadu States in the South and by the State of Andhra Pradesh in the East. The state has an equable climate particularly in those areas which are hilly or located on a high plateau. Best time to visit Karnataka is from October to March.