Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The People

The Coorgs

Coorg girl The Coorgs form a distinctive group in Karnataka. Their geographical situation encouraged them to cling to old-world customs and manners. They are warlike and lovers of freedom.


On ceremonial occasions, the Coorgs wear a traditional dress. Their rituals require the use of both Kodagu language and Sanskrit. Their customs have been under the influence of  Hinduism for thousands of years. More recently, they have come under the influence of Westernization. Thus, in speech, dress, and food habits, the Coorgs show a fine blend of East and West. They worship Ketrappa and Ayyappa, local variants of Aryan gods. They go on pilgrimages, bathe in sacred rivers and worship ancestors. The source of the River Kaveri is the most sacred place for them. It is called Dakshina Ganga. Coorg had its associations with the heroes and sages of ancient legends and the Puranas. The Kaveri Mahatme is part of the Skanda Purana. The Lakshmana Tirtha, a tributary of the river Kaveri, has its origin in Coorg. The Brahma Giri is sacred to the seven sages.