Saturday, February 16, 2019


Folk Dance

Based on the content and purpose, folk dances of Karnataka are categorised as religious and secular. 

Religious Dances

Most folk dances owe their existence to religion and are performed during fairs, festivals and other religious occasions celebrated by a local communities.

The dances like 'Nandi Dhwaja', 'Lingada-Berana', Gorava dance, Veeragase, Beesu Kamsale and Puravanthike are dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva.

Bhagawanthike, Pata Kunitha and Bana Devara Kunitha are dances performed to worship Lord Vishnu.

Mariammana Kunitha, Urimarammana Kunitha, Puja, Karaga, Dollu, Soman Kunitha, Harige, Sedere, Bhoota Nrutya, Naga Nrutya, Vatte Kola, Kombat and Billat are being performed to worship all incarnations of 'Shakti', the deity of power.

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