Monday, July 15, 2024


Secular Dances

If religious dances arouse religious sentiments of the people, the secular dances provide entertainment. Kolata, Chit mela, Marakalu Kunitha, Chennu Kunitha and Simha Nrutya are some of the important secular folk dances in the state.`

Chit mela

'Chit mela' which is performed by a group of ten artistes and is replete with colourful exhibition of eye-catching presentation is dominated by an unusual butterfly like display. 

Chennu Kunitha

The folk art of Chennu Kunitha, the harvest dance found in Puttur, Coondapura and other villages of South Kanara give an insight into the cheapest mode of communication through entertainment.

Maragalu Kunitha

The folk dance of 'Maragalu Kunitha' consist of unique wooden legs which the artistes literally wear to gain unusual height. Wearing uniquely designed artificial legs the artiste easily captures the attention of the people through executing impressive but difficult feats.