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Bathing Your Baby

Bathing is an enjoyable time between you and your baby. Your new born baby during the first six weeks does not necessarily need a full bath every day. A soft wash cloth or cotton wool and some warm water will do to clean him up especially till the baby's umbilical cord drops off. It is important not to get the belly button area wet, where the umbilical cord is still attached. 

Once you start on the water bath routine, it is very good for your babies health if you massage him with any baby oil before bathing. This is practiced traditionally in some countries. It is a wonderful way to lavish your baby with the attention she needs and loves. This massage aids food absorption, promotes sleep, builds immunity and develops muscle tone and coordination. 

Bathing Tips

  • Until your baby's navel has healed, do sponge baths (cleaning only the parts of your baby that really need attention-her hands, face, neck and diaper area).

  • Make sure that you have everything ready before the bath so you will not have to leave your baby. Never ever leave the baby alone in the bath even for a second.

  • Always test the water with your elbow, the water should feel just warm. The temperature felt by the hand may feel right, but may scald the delicate skin of the baby.

  • If you use a baby bathtub, it will make bath time easier for you. 

You will need 

  • Towel (two preferably, one for the head and the other for the body) 

  • Cotton balls

  • If you want to massage your baby take ordinary baby oil or almond oil which is soothing to the skin. Instead of baby oil, you could use cooled paste of turmeric powder mixed with milk, boiled together provided your baby does not have an allergy.

  • Baby Soap (instead of soap you can use green gram flour or besan flour)

  • Foam Pad or rubber mat ( to lay on the bottom of the sink so that she won't slip)

How to bathe your Baby

  • Always clean the baby's face first. Dip a cotton wool or wash cloth in warm water and squeeze out excess water. Wipe her eyes from the inside corner to the outside. Use a clean part of the washcloth or a separate piece of cotton for the other eye. Don't use soap on her face.

  • Again with another piece of cotton wool or washcloth wipe her ears- over and behind each year with the washcloth.  Don't try to wipe inside.

  • Wash her body with a soapy cloth or in warm water in a tub. Lower him into the tub with his head supported on your arm and your hand holding her firmly around her shoulder and upper arm. Be sure to wash in between creases in her neck, arms and legs. Wash her bottom carefully from front to back. Hold her firmly with both hands while lifting her out of the water as she will be slippery.

  • After her body is washed, wrap her in a dry towel on your lap and dry him thoroughly in between creases as well.

  • Hold her head in one hand and supporting the back along your forearm like a football, pour water gently from the tub on the head and do not splash water on her face. Wash the hair and scalp using circular movements with a little soap or shampoo.

  • Pat his head dry with a fresh towel.

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My son akshay has been suffering from hydocele for last one year. His one testis is increasing. one more thing is that he is suffering from hemangioma by birth and after two years of his birth hydrocele and tonsils are the new diseases arises

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I want to 01 Years old baby Vaccine chart ex. Pneumonia, Hepatitis A, Chicken Pocks, Flu. 1.Pneumonia Patient Baby 2. DOB-02/04/2013


These are the reccommendations for immunization by Indian peadiatric associations 1. Hepatitis A - 1 dose (12 Months) , 2 Dose (24 Months) Pnumococcus Vaccination - 1 Dose (1 1/2 Months) 2 Dose (2 1/2 months) 3 Dose - (3 1/2 months) Chickenpox Vaccination 1 Dose - 15 months 2 Dose - 4- 6 years Influence Vaccination - Every Year Check the link for more details Please consult your peadiatrician for further Advise

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 3.  Posted on : 27.1.2014  By  :  Vaishnavi , Chennai View Answer (1) Post Answer

Hi thanks for the above information and I am having two more question first one is we can use citric acid regularly for new born baby second my son body over heat what I want to do become normal


You should not use citric acid on a new born baby. Your son probably is a normal active one year old, if you are concerned, please consult a pediatrician.

  Posted By :Admin , | On 26.5.2014
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