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Melancholic Depression and Unani Treatment

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Melancholic Depression is a profound presentation of depression. With this form of depression, there is a complete loss of pleasure in all or almost everything. The start of these episodes is usually not caused by a specific event, and even when something good happens, the individual's mood does not improve, not even for a short time. It is a serious medical and mental health disorder that is associated with many factors, including the balance of chemicals in the brain. Depression can manifest as a large variety of symptoms, most often feelings of sadness or despair that do not go away. Depression can negatively affect a person's ability to function effectively in the activities of daily living, such as going to work and school, caring for family, and taking care of basic needs. More than 20 million people in the United States have depression, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Depression is often thought of as experiencing feelings of sadness, "having the blues", or being disheartened. However, there is a major difference between having normal feelings of sadness in reaction to a situation, such as a

death in the family, and having depression. Normal feelings of sadness, although painful, generally resolve after a short time. For example, feeling blue after losing a job is normal, and normally the feelings improve or resolve as the situation is addressed, by looking for a new job, going to interviews, and landing the new job. For people with depression, the experience of losing a job is very different. The feelings of sadness linger beyond a short time and intensify to the point that they begin to interfere with the ability to cope with the situation and look for a new job. This in turn can intensify the depression.

Feelings of sadness are also a normal part of the grieving process experienced when a person losses something or someone very important to him or her. For example, nearly everyone will normally experience some level of sadness after losing a loved one. Even very intense feelings of despair can be considered normal if they do not linger past a few days. Although there may always be a residual sadness when thinking of the deceased person, feelings normally diminish to a point that the bereaved person is able to continue on and function effectively in their lives. For other people, the death of a loved may be one precipitating factor in the development of depression or in exacerbation (worsening) of the condition, in which the feelings of despair and sadness do not go away

Unani Treatment for Melancholic Depression

  1. Itrifal Ustookhudoos 10 gm at bed time.

  2. or Itrifal Kishnizi 10 gm at bed time

  3. or itrifal Zamani 10 gm at bed time with Arq Gau Zaban 100 ml

  4. Anusdaaroo lolvi 7 gm with Arq Baid sada 125 ml, Sharbat Gudhal 20 ml very effective regimen.

  5. Jawarish Amla lolvi 10 gm with Arq baid musk 70 ml, nabat safaid 20 gm also very effective.

  6. Habbe haleela 7 gm effective in Damvi.

  7. Khameera abresham Hakeem arshad wala 5 gm with Arq Gazr 60 ml, Arq Amber 40 ml and mix with Sharbat Sandal 30 ml very effective.

  8. Khameera Gau zaban Ambari jawahar wala 5 gm or Kushta marjan jawahar wala.

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