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Nature’s Cholesterol Reduction Plan: The Herbal Way

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The body achieves the normal cholesterol level, by controlling both biosynthesis of cholesterol in the body itself in the liver and the absorption of lipids from the intestine. An individual’s susceptibility to Hyper Cholesterolemiae (HC) is determined by the way the body handles fat, ie the lipids metabolic rate. The HC is found mainly in patients who are suffering from heart and its vascular diseases. Diabetics, Obesity, Hypertension, Mental stress, and vascular disease.

Diabetics, Obesity, Hypertension. Mental stress, and who have erectile dysfunction problems or in who have a susceptibility to these diseases.

Triglycerides are seen in greater quantities in heart disease and in diabetics. TG are found in animal and veg. Fats. When these are consumed excessively the liver converts calories from fatty acids, Sugar and alcohol into triglycerides, releasing them in to the bloods stream. More than two ounces of alcohol per day will elevate TG in diet responders.

Reducing LDL Cholesterol and TG, can save lives. If the cholesterol by 25% morbidity from cardio vascular disease will be decreased by 50% that is not a negligible number, Chemical drugs may reduce that cholesterol but causes atherosclerosis or even cancer. Men with LDL levels of 130 to 160 must need this treatment. It depends on their other risk factors.

Regiments: Avoid processed or canned meat (bacon, hot dogs, liver wurst etc) butter, lard, beef fat, fast foods, organ meats, shell fish, coffee, Chocolate etc, more that two ounce of alcohol per day, will elevate TG. Use large quantities of whole grain pasta, brown rice, legumes, and vegetables. Processed wheat products and processed flour should be avoided. Shell fish (Shrimp, Crabs, Lobster etc) are regarded as the red meat of the sea.

The worst sources of dietary cholesterol are egg yolks, milt fats, and animal meat and fat. Prefer whole wheat breads, Cereals, pasta, brown rice, nuts, dried peas and beans etc. For dessert eat fruit, sherbet, anqle food cake or Jell-O


Stir fry or saute foods occasionally only. The healthiest methods are steaming, broiling or grilling which allow the fat to drip away.

Fish- Marinate the fish in lemon, lime, tomato sacue, onions, garlic, coriandrum sat or in spices and bake, broil or steam it, Avoid rich sauces and taking fish oils in capsule form as it depresses the immune system and can cause haemorrhages. Those who have high TG, ingests fish oil in ORGANIC FASHION.

POLUTRY- Remove the skin and clean away the underlying layers of fat before cooking (also remember lean meat has just as much as cholesterol content as does fat).

Avoid fried chicken and rich, creamy sauces. Tomato and wine sauces are good.

COFFEE DRINK: Caffeine affect CNS, PNS and the kidneys, it should be avoided as it is deleterious an nicotine.

Do not consume, processed and over cooked food as it either damages or destroys the fiber, negating its potential benefit to the body

Regular exercise. To go walking, swimming or cycling to begin with (too much exercise too can do a lot of harm) Yogasanas are highly beneficial.

Whole cereals such as wheat, rice, barley, rye, legumes such as photos, beet and turnips. Lettuce, celery etc leafy veg. Lady’s finger, cabbage, oat or corn bran and specially beneficial,

Take daily two or three carrots (not cooked) seeds such as Alfalfa Sprouts, mug beans, aduki beans, lentils, soybeans, barley, sun flower seeds etc (partly cooked).

Take (five days per week) METHI (Trigonella FENUGREEKUM: soaked over night in water) seeds (a common condiment used in Indian cooking, are available in grocery shops ULUVA

To begin with take one tea spoon clean seeds soaked in water over night. Remove the bitter tasted water and can be consumed or can be in corporated in the preparation such as chappathi, vegitable curries. The dosage can be increased up to 25 gms per day in three divided parts. (If it causes diarrhoea or flatulence… then reduce the dosage).

The soluble fiber present in these food are highly necessary for the action of the medicine.

Always take meals at the regular time . do not skip as it could make you to eat between meals. Always , used to chew the food more time as long as possible . By doing this , not only , the activity of fiber in the food increases, but got the fullness sensation as it let the brain to register food intake , and proper digestion also .in the presence of the fiber content , the herbal drops works better , to do metabolic regulation .

The Herbal drops is tajen in differend way.In to a four ounce clean bottle, add two ounce cooled water. To this add 20 to 25 drops of Herbal Drops. Shake well, by hitting the corked bottle, on a soft pillow 10 times, take this before food in case of obese or after food in the lean patients daily two times.

Heart disease prone patients, obesity persons , cholesterol level increased persons generally need lipid profile blood test , only to know the treatment progress. Can test once in 3 ed or 6 th months.

In obese persons ( with out alcoholic habit and non diabetics ) thyroid deficiency test T.S.H. must be done, as thyroid deficiency may raise the cholesterol level. Diabetic patients & alcoholics will always have high cholesterol level . Before you go for lipid profile test, know this. Avoid drinking and dinner parties two to three days prior to the day of the test & a total of 14 hours of fasting must be observed. Not to have alcohol on the previous night & to finish the dinner by 7 .p.m.

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