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Teen Depression | How To Treat Bipolar Depression Symptoms In Teens

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Yes Ē Bipolar Depression Ē is different from the normal ďbluesĒ and everyday emotions that occur in teenís ( 10 to 17 years) life.
Your child is going through the usual ups and downs of being a teenager. But then you begin to notice that their behavior is a bit more erratic than usual and seems to swing from extreme irritability to extreme sadness every few days.

You may start to think that maybe itís more than teenage angst ó that maybe your teen has bipolar disorder. Read on to learn what symptoms to look for, how bipolar disorder is diagnosed, and how this mental health condition is treated. If the sadness becomes persistent, or interferes with normal social activities, interests, schoolwork, or family life, it may indicate that he or she has a depressive illness. Keep in mind that while bipolar depression is a serious illness, it is also a treatable one.

What Is Bipolar Depression ?

Bipolar Depression Disorder is a type of mood disorder. However, unlike in Depression, the problem in Bipolar Disorder is in the brainís regulation of the usual ups and downs of normal mood. In Bipolar Disorder, people cycle between periods of Mania i.e. feeling really elevated or irritable and periods of either normal mood or Depression i.e. feeling really sad and low. These cycles sometimes called episodes of Depression and Mania may be frequent daily or infrequent years apart.

Bipolar Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of a manic episode are very different from those of a depressive episode. Although teens with bipolar depression disorder experience mood changes in much the same way as adults, one difference is that teens tend to be more irritable than elated during their manic episodes.

A teen with bipolar depression disorder whoís having a manic episode may:

- Have a very short temper

- Talk excitedly and quickly about a lot of different things

- Be unable to focus

- Rapidly jump from task to task

- Be unable to sleep but not feel tired

- Feel incredibly happy or act silly in an unusual way

- Do risky things like drinking while driving

- Do compulsive things like binge shopping

- Become overly sexual or sexually active

How Can Bipolar Depression Diagnosed?

Your teenís doctor may perform a physical exam, an interview, and lab tests. Although your doctor canít diagnose bipolar disorder through a blood test or body scan, it helps to rule out other illnesses that mimic the disorder.

If your doctor finds that no other diseases or medications are causing your teenís symptoms, they may suggest that your child see a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist will conduct a mental health assessment to determine if your child has bipolar disorder. There are six types of bipolar disorder diagnoses recognized under Bipolar Depression Disorder which doctors use to diagnose mental health disorders.

Therapy & Treatments To Cure Bipolar Depression in Teens

Your teen may benefit from going to therapy. Talking with a therapist can help them manage their symptoms, express their feelings, and have better relationships with loved ones. There are a number of different types of therapy treatments:

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, can help your teen work out the stress associated with bipolar disorder. It can also help them identify issues they can address during sessions. Teens with bipolar disorder can have individual sessions or go to group therapy sessions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help your teen learn problem-solving skills and ways to turn negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones.

Interpersonal therapy is also known as interpersonal and social rhythm therapy. It focuses on minimizing family disputes and disruptions in daily routines or social rhythms that might trigger new episodes.

Family-focused therapy helps families work through intense emotions and stresses. It also promotes family problem solving and conflict resolution. Itís considered the best type of therapy for children

Your teenís doctor will discuss medication options to help you find the medications that may be most appropriate for your teen.

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