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Top 10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier For Home

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Buying a water purifier for household purposes has become a challenge, simply because of the wide range of purifiers that are available. If you are a first-time buyer then choosing between the many options can be a tough task. As such, here are a few things that you need to consider before buying a water purifier for home use which will ensure that you make the right choice.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier For Home

1. Water Quality

Is the water that you use at home surface water (supplied by municipality) or is it groundwater (supplied by tankers)? The source of water is the first criteria that you need to determine when choosing a water purifier.

2. Contamination (Check TDS)

Checking the TDS level is the next step. If it is surface water then the TDS is usually low (less than 500 ppm) so a UV water purifier will suffice. However, groundwater naturally has a high TDS (above 500 ppm) and here, an RO system is the best water purifier for home use.

3. Purification Technology

What’s the difference between UV and RO technology?

Ultraviolet water purifier (UV) helps kills microbes and germs in water, whereas, RO (Reverse Osmosis) water system helps remove dissolved salts, metals and other impurities. As mentioned above, depending on the source of water and the TDS level you can choose the desired technology. You can also opt for a water purifier that comes with both of these technologies and automatically uses the required purification process based on the TDS level.

4. Water Pressure

For an RO and UV water purifier to work optimally, sufficient water pressure is required. A low water pressure will be a hindrance for these systems to filter water and as such, here you can opt for activated carbon purifiers. However note, that these filters are not apt at fully purifying the water. So, if the water supply at your home has a high TDS then an RO water system is a must, in which case, you need to attach an additional pump to the RO system in order to increase the water pressure level.

5. Electricity

Both RO and UV water filters need electricity to operate. So if there is an inconsistency in the power supplied in your area then this could be an issue. Thus, here you can either opt for an activated carbon purifier or choose RO/UV water filters with storage.

6. Storage Capacity

If you select a water purifier with storage then check its storage capacity and pick one that suits your needs.

7. Wall mounted or Under-the-Counter Purifier

This specification is again based on your preference. If you have space crunch at home then a wall mounted water filter would be an ideal choice.

8. Budget

Having a well-defined budget can also help speed up the selection process. Remember that a water purifier is a long-term investment and as such, it is better to shell out a bit more and buy a good quality & certified water filter then to waste money & time on a purifier that has a shorter shelf life.

9. Maintenance Cost

For a water filter to work optimally for a longer period regular maintenance service and filter replacement is required. Thus, it is important to consider the maintenance cost before purchasing a water filter for home use.

10. Check the After-Sales Service

Always opt for a brand that offers a good after-sales service. This will ensure that you have help at hand to fix glitches and other issues immediately.

Following these simple guidelines will help you make a well-informed choice and enable you to purchase of water purifier that suits your needs as well as your budget.

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