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Important facts you need to know about USG test

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USG or Ultrasound Sonography is the test procedure using sound waves of high frequency to scan the abdomen, the internal organs of a womanís body, her pelvic cavity, abdomen and fetus in order to create an image of the placenta and the baby. It scans the reproductive system and abdomen of the woman mainly. USG test may reveal the functioning of the internal organs, its structure and this also includes the fetus. A gynecologist can learn a lot about the condition of the fetus through this test as it also reveals the blood circulation through the blood vessels. Prior to conducting the test, certain preparation has to be made. If it is trans-abdominal test, then the bladder should be filled with urine. The one undergoing the test will be asked to drink plenty of water. Only when the urinary bladder is completely full, the organs of pelvic cavity or abdomen can show up clearly.

Why to take up Ultra Sonography test?

There can be various situations when ultra sonography test can be prescribed. It may be pain or swelling on the abdomen region, abnormal bleeding, some kind of infection or pregnancy that a lady can be prescribed the test. If there is problem in the monthly cycle, the gynecologist will prescribe the test. It is important that the bladder is full and the one undergoing the test is wearing loose garment. Before 45 minutes of test, the person needs to drink lots of water.

How is the test conducted?

The one who is doing the test will apply gel like substance to the region of the body. A transducer or probe is the device which is placed against the skin of the patient to be tested or imaged. He moves the transducer in order to image the organs inside the body. The useful images show up on the device and are then saved for monitoring. USG abdomen test is actually done to test the abdominal cavity. In the abdominal cavity of the human being, there are major organs that play important role in body functioning. It helps to check the gallbladder, the kidney, spleen, liver, pancreas and other vital organs. The test may be done both on men and women. It is not only women who undergo this test.

The meaning of test result

You already know that the test is conducted to diagnose pelvic and abdominal organs. It helps to check growth and development of fetus. Images are obtained in the process of test and the doctor carefully sees the report to find any abnormality. He will try and find any abnormality in the development of fetus, appearance of gall stone or any swelling on the region. If he finds any swelling in the internal organs or abnormal development of the fetus, he prescribes further test.

Is there any risk?

No, there are no associated risks of undergoing the test. Since there isnít any use of radiation, there is no risk to the fetus and internal organs. It helps to check fetal growth and development. However, the results of the test may be impacted by obesity, empty bladder or unfilled bladder. If there is excess gas in the intestine, it may also interfere with the test result.

Regular medical checkup is required if you are pregnant. Keep approaching the gynecologist whenever you are asked.

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