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5 Reasons Why Staying Healthy is Important

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Life is unpredictable, and there is no way of knowing when a tragedy might strike. Our health faces serious concerns in todayís age because of the hectic life, increase in pollution levels, contaminated food, and other detrimental factors. Although life expectancy has increased, the amount of diseases affecting people, especially the younger generations has also increased. Moreover, it is not just about accidents and illnesses, but your health has effect on even normal day to day life. Letís see how your health can make a positive impact on your life and pocket:

Thrive vs. Survive

A healthy person can have more externally oriented mind. Imagine not worrying about that ache you will suffer while climbing through the rocks. Or the places you have avoided visiting because your health does not permit you to, or the amazing cuisines you avoid in restaurants and parties.

Overall, a good health status can let you enjoy the daily life far better and make your existence a happy one. Also, it may not be possible for everyone to be in a great physical shape. However, the world is full of stories from people, who lead great lives even after being upset by the nature or accidents. Just because they took care of whatever little health they had been left with.

Do More

Healthy people are often more productive and can accomplish much more. Imagine not having to stay home because you suddenly feel unwell. Additionally, healthy body will make you feel more motivated and take up more initiative.

It may even sound illogical to talk about exercising when you already feel fatigued from work. But it only depends on what kind of work is contributing to your fatigue. If it is hard physical labor (which is quite often not the case), perhaps reading a book, solving a puzzle, will help you gain your energy back. But if it is more of a brain and desk work draining your energy, physical activity will help you relieve your stress and put you back on track for more.

Better Looks & Confidence

Healthy people usually end up with great mood and looks. And itís not only about physical looks but the aura and positive vibes healthy people exuberate while meeting others. This is one quality that makes them likeable among the crowd, even when they are introverts.

Plus, you get more clothing options. If you are a man, looking sharp definitely put you in the spot for negotiations, and as a woman, certainly more confident.

Lower Healthcare Costs

The best part of taking care of your health is that your healthcare bills are lower. Healthy diet and habits help your body clear out the toxins regularly and avoid diseases and infections. Lower disease means lower medical time and lower cost of medicines.

Medical studies conducted worldwide suggest that per annum cost of treatment for obese patients were higher than that of healthy weight patients. Additionally, healthy people tend to spend less for health insurance plans as well.

However, they indicated that the total healthcare cost of healthy people was higher. Reason? Healthier people tend to live longer, thus end up spending more if we look at the entire life. Is it positive of negative? I believe itís easy to decide.

Quality of Family Time

Kids crave time with parents and so do your better half, parents or anyone that is important in your life. But can the work fatigue help you in enjoying this time with family and friends? Perhaps not much.

So, if you want to enjoy your time with kids, grandchildren, or even just with your partner, being in shape and healthy helps.

Staying healthy is important no doubt, but there are situations when all precautions and cautions do not help. Road accidents, illnesses, leading to long term hospitalization need you to be financially prepared. However, as it happens, preparing your coffers for such emergency situations is not possible from day one. Best thing to do in such cases is to buy insurance. Health insurance plans such as Mediclaim and critical covers can help you shirk off these expenses without affecting your wealth.

Buying a Mediclaim or health insurance plan is easy, and you can evaluate and buy these plans online. Just make sure that the plan has adequate features to cover yourself and family. You also enjoy a tax deduction on the premium paid on health insurance plans under section 80D of Indian Income Tax Act.

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