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Subtle Signs That Your Heart Is Losing Its Health

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You take care of the functioning of any vehicle that you own by doing regular oil changes and getting the parts fixed when they wear out. You keep your surrounding safe from possible health hazards like mould in the bathroom or quickly get your internet connection fixed when it goes awry. You do all this to make your day to day life smooth. Similarly, taking care of your heart and keeping a check on its performance can make your life a whole lot smoother.

You must be familiar with the primary symptoms of heart attack – pain in the chest, breathing difficulties, pain in the left arm, chest pressure and fainting. However, there are many other telling signs of an unhealthy heart that you need to watch out for. Don’t let these signs sneak by you – paying attention to them can not only save your but also the life of someone you love. If any of these signs have become a part of your life, we recommend you visit any of the best heart hospitals in India like Max Healthcare for timely diagnosis and proper treatment.

You Go Easily Out of Breath
Even those who exercise regularly find themselves winded when they increase the intensity of their workout or change altitudes. If you are struggling to breathe while doing your regular activities it is something to be worried about. This situation can be a sign of improper heart functioning and seeking immediate medical attention is advisable. Pulmonary Edema is a condition in which lungs start filling up with fluid, and the heart is not adequately able to carry blood to and from the organs. This increase in the pressure of blood leads to transfer of buildup fluid from the vessels to the air sacs inside the lungs. This may indicate coronary artery disease (CAD). In this condition, the arteries that supply blood to the heart tissues are blocked.

You Always Feel Tired
Lack of sleep and proper rest can at times make you feel tired. However, if you always feel tired, the possible reason for it can be lack of oxygen. The heart struggles and strains to deliver oxygen to the body and this can cause a feeling of constant tiredness. However, never conclude that you have a heart problem based on any feeling or symptom.

You Do Not Feel Hungry
While it is nice to think that your body is away from junk and oily food, but when your appetite vanishes completely, it is something to be worried about. Lack of hunger is one of the early warning signs of a heart attack and should be brought immediately to your doctor’s notice for proper diagnosis of the condition. On the flip side, just because you are turning away from your favourite food, does not absolutely mean that there is something serious.

Constant feeling of lightheadedness, when accompanied with palpitations, could be because of a valve-related issue, rhythm disturbance of heart or blockages. Furthermore, if you feel light-headed while standing up quickly, consider getting yourself tested at any of the best heart hospitals in India to identify the cause of the condition.

Swollen Legs and Feet
If lately, you are having a problem with the fitting of your shoes and when you take off your socks there are deep indents in the legs and ankles (provided you are not wearing a smaller size), this could be because of fluid retention. This condition is known as edema and may indicates heart disease.

You Snore Way Too Much
Mild snoring is normal after a hectic day, but unusually loud snoring is not normal. Snoring that sounds like choking or gasping may be an indication of sleep apnea. This condition puts extra effort on the heart, and it is a good thing to get it checked too along with your sleep pattern. In most cases, CPAP machine is used to even out breathing while you sleep.

You are Gaining Weight
Gaining weight when working towards it is fine but rapid weight gain without any dietary changes is an alarming condition. Gaining more than 3 kilograms in a month without any change in eating habits definitely merits a trip to the doctor. So, if you have a family history of heart diseases, keep a close eye on the scale.

Final Words!
If any of the conditions mentioned above are visible, it is advisable to seek immediate medical intervention. This article is envisioned exclusively for informational purposes, and only your doctor can make a precise evaluation of your heart health.

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