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How Various Factors Affect the Healing Process Post an Injury

  By : , Delhi, India       2.2.2018         Mail Now
  Neb Sarai, New Delhi

So much has been spoken and written about health; still, the topic of health grabs many eyeballs. Health is an important aspect of the overall wellbeing of an individual. Being healthy is an understatement and it takes an individual an injury or illness to realize the importance of health. In general, injuries impose a big threat to our health.

While one can always be careful and steer clear of the potential caused of injuries, some things are beyond our control and getting injured is one of such things. Kids are highly energetic and impatient at times. Thanks to their inquisitive nature; they are open to new experiences. They always look forward to trying out new things. This makes them highly prone to injuries.

The fool-proof way to safeguard your health is buying a health insurance plan. The thumb rule to follow at the time of purchasing a health insurance plan is a thorough comparison. Therefore, you must compare health insurance plans before you zero down on one. Your health insurance policy might not cover accidental injuries, so if you want enhanced coverage against injuries, go for personal accident insurance plans.

Letís get back to the topic of this article now.

After getting injured, we struggle with the speed of healing process. We feel that we have taken being healthy for granted. We get impatient, as we get sick and tired of resting. We get eager to get back to our daily routines. The healing process is individualistic and thatís why we canít compare healing process. While some people heal quickly, others take time.

The Science of Healing

The beauty of science is fascinating, isnít it? Regardless of the reason behind the injury, the human body repairs the damages caused. The moment a wound starts bleeding, the blood vessels in the injured area start to contract to†slow down the bleeding. The blood platelets on-site form a blood clot at the injured area after being exposed to air. Next, White blood cells (WBC) cumulate at the injured spot to destroy and digest the dead cells by releasing lysosomes - special enzymes present in the cells. This process removes dead-cell debris, clearing out new space for the generation of new cells.

Almost at the same time, the new cell formation begins. Most of these new cells spring up from the newer cell layers of a specific tissue. Gradually, the older cell layers are pushed to acquire the space made by the injury. This scientifically remarkable process ends by default upon the completion of the healing process.

This healing process isnít limited to injuries. It looks after the normal day-to-day wears and tears. Regularly, damaged/destroyed/dead cells are replaced from the mouth, skin, blood, and intestines.

How Does Your Lifestyle Impact Healing?

Your lifestyle is a crucial element responsible for the speed of your healing process. Starting from your daily routine to the types of food items you eat impacts the healing process. If you arenít careful, you could unknowingly damage yourself merely by participating in mundane chores. In a rare case, your injuries can become permanent injuries.

How Does Your Nutrition Impact Healing?

Your food choices regulate your recovery speed. The perfectly balanced inclusion of proteins and carbohydrates can speed up the healing process and help you become healthy and stay fit.

Particular food items are highly beneficial in case of injuries as well as of diseases. For instance, green leafy veggies and salmon have therapeutic effects on broken bones. Vitamin D and calcium trigger the recovery of the damaged bones. Itís unfortunate that many people do not understand the importance of having a proper diet.

How Does Daily Physical Activities Impact Healing?

Not sitting is still a problem faced by many individuals who are healing. Even if you feel capable enough to fulfil certain tasks, donít give in to that feeling, as it is too soon to push yourself to work.

For example, getting back to play golf just 2 months after a back surgery isnít a good idea. Health experts recommend a recovery period of 6 months. If youíre feeling good, it doesnít necessarily mean that youíre healed. Slip into your daily routines slowly and steadily after your doctor recommends.

How Does Getting Back to Work Impact Healing?

There are people who canít afford to take an adequate off time from work. It can impose additional threat(s) and can cause pain. Depending on the type of your job, some injuries are easily aggravated merely by working.

For instance, it isnít a good idea for a delivery boy to get back to work as soon as possible post a spinal injury.

While it is recommended to let time do its magic if you have no choice but to work, ensure that you follow the safety precautions and minimize the risk of any damage(s) to you.

How Does Fun Time and Play Time Impacts Healing?

A few individuals lead an active lifestyle and they indulge in fun and play activities on a regular basis. It is yet another area in which individuals might further injure themselves. When there isnít any immediate pain, it is easier to momentarily forget the injury. Without giving it adequate healing time, you are exposed to the risk of hurting yourself. In some extreme scenarios, individuals end up completely missing out the leisure activities they love, as they have no idea about the ill-effects of participation in the healing process.

Wrapping it up!

The choices we make today reflect on the consequences we face later in our lives. As far as health is concerned, there is no room for taking it granted. Health should be taken very seriously.

Our habits form our attitude, adopting healthy habits today helps to develop a positive outlook towards health later on. There are no shortcuts to enhance the healing process. It takes medical expertise, patience, and good nutrition to fortify the healing process.

Regardless of your recovery from†sports or accident injuries, your lifestyle will impact your recovery process. Before you get back to your daily routine, get thumbs up from a fitness expert.

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