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Keeping To Your New Year (Health) Resolutions!

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Dr. G N Ramesh
Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist
Aster Medcity, Kochi

The New Year is round the corner and itís the time when a majority of people are thinking of how or what they can improve upon in the next year, and thinking up resolutions for the same. But come February and March, people being to falter and the resolutions soon fall to the wayside. And this is repeated every year! So here are a few health resolutions you can make and stick to easily through the entire year!

Lose Weight!

This is among the most common resolutions. Donít just make a vague resolution and leave it at that. Go and consult your doctor and a dietician. The doctor will make sure you have no health issues that could get aggravated by any diet. And the dietician will take all factors into account, including your doctorís report and your current lifestyle and advise you a personalised diet plan. The dietician will also craft it in such a way that you will find it easy to stick to it with your work schedule.

Quit Smoking!

Again, donít just make a resolution and leave it at that. Take the next step and seek professional help. A doctor can

guide you through the process and make it easier for you to stick to your resolution. He can prescribe nicotine substitutes or patches as he feels is necessary based on your individual profile, and monitor your progress.

Get active!

Join a gym, a yoga class, start running or swimming! Just get up and get going! Try it all and see what suits your health and temperament. But remember to get a health check up done beforehand to rule out any issues that may aggravate with any intense exercise.

Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Now this is easier to stick to then keeping to a diet. If you donít need to lose weight, then this is the perfect resolution to make for a healthier you in the new year.

Drink less alcohol!

Moderation is the key here. We all know that an excess of alcohol is harmful to the body. But some people tend to find excuses that itís just one more drink. Some also give the reason that they have to attend corporate parties where they need to drink in company. In such cases, switch to sugar-free soft drinks or fresh fruit juices instead. These are healthier and will go a long way in keeping you and your liver healthy!

Get a health check up!

If you are above 40 years of age, then itís time you go in for an Annual Check up. Monitoring basic parameters like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar will go a long way in ensuring you stay healthy lifelong. Regular check-ups will help catch any problem early when it is easy to treat and control.

So go ahead and make those New Year Resolutions!

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