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'Queen of Herbs' Tulsi, the natural cure for most diseases

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 'Queen of Herbs' Tulsi is known for its healing powers.

This medicinal plant is a virtual tonic for your body, is extremely beneficial and an inexpensive herb. It is a herb that is seen in every house across the Indian subcontinent, and as per Acharya Bal Krishan of the Haridwar-based Patanjali Ayurvedic group, it is a natural remedy for a majority of diseases. It also has the potential to increase life expectancy, he added.

"Tulsi with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is used as a natural remedy for viral infections, strengthening immunity, reproductive system, cardiovascular system and combatting and treating various hair and skin disorders, common health and lifestyle-related issues," Acharya Bal Krishan said.

He listed some of the health benefits of Tulsi leaves:

Skin Diseases:

Leprosy: Take 10-20 ml of Tulsi leaf extract and its daily intake in morning will help to cure leprosy. Take Tulsi leaves and make its paste in lemon juice. The application of paste on eczema, leprosy,and other such diseases is very effective.

Leucoderma: Take Tulsi leaf extract, lemon juice and Kansaudi leaves in equal quantity and store it in copper pot in sunlight for 24 hours. Apply the mixture on affected parts for useful results.

Body Strength: Take 20 grams of Tulsi seed and add 40 grams of crystal sugar and make a mixture of both. Intake of this one gram mixture daily during winters will prevent cough and gastric disturbance. If Tulsi is taken daily, then it enhances immune power of the body and strengthens the mind.

Treatment of Poison:

Snake Poison: Take 5-10 ml of Tulsi leaf extract and administer it to a patient. If the patient is unconscious, then pour the extract through nostrils.

If the poison has impacted the head (brain), then make a powder of mixture of extracts of Bandhu, Jeeva,Bhangari and Kali Tulsi roots to give relief to a patient through its smell.

Treatment of Fever:

Malarial Fever: Intake Tulsi leave-based tea every three hours for cure.

Intestinal Fever: Take ten tulsi leaves and one gram of Jyavitri. Make it into a paste and mix with honey for instant relief.

Cough-related fever: Take 21 nag tulsidal, five cloves, 500 ml of ginger extract, filter it well, heat the mixture and add 10 gm honey. Its regular intake reduces such fever.

Impotency: Take equal quantities of Tulsi seed powder and its root powder. Take one to three grams of mixture with cow milk.

Pain after giving birth to a child: Take old jiggery, add Tulsi leaf extract and some sugar and administer it to a patient for cure.

Vomiting: Take 10 ml of Tulsi leaf extract, add an equal quantity of ginger extract in 500 mg cardamom powder. Its intake will solve the problem of vomitting.

Indigestion: Take 2 grams of Manjari of Tulsi and make its paste with black salt and administer it to patient three to four times a day and it is very useful for indigestion.

Bone Joint Problem: Take two to four gram tulsi panchag powder and take it with milk and it will cure the problem .

Swelling in teeth: Take a tablet of pepper and Tulsi leaves and keep it below ailing teeth and it will cure teeth-ache. Add some tulsi extracts in lukewarm water and use it for rinsing in the mouth. it is very useful for throat disease.

Take some water mixed with Tulsi extract and add some sendha salt in it. If it is used for rinsing it cures the problem of teeth, mouth and throat.

Ear problem: Take warm Tulsi extract and pour it in the ear. It will cure the problem. Take Tulsi leaves, castor new leaves and pince of salt and make paste and apply luke water paste on ear and it will give instant relief.

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