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Time to Care for Our Mental Health this World Mental Health Day

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Dr. Hozefa A Bhinderwala
Consultant Psychiatrist
Global Hospitals, Mumbai

There is something democratic about Mental Health issues. They do not discriminate in age, gender, color, caste, community and creed. Despite of this universality about its prevalence, it is often neglected by the population at large. Our world is divided into 3 factions:

1) Those afflicted with and influenced by someone with a mental health issue.

2) Those who are not remotely aware that these are problems that can be addressed and helped

3) Those that are aware, but are reluctant to acknowledge their existence and tend to be either indifferent or disparaging towards those so affected.

How common are these issues you ask?

Every second family has a person with one or the other Psychological difficulty. Even if nobody in your family has a known psychiatric ailment, as of yet, it would be such a wrong assumption to believe that it doesn't affect you. The reason is you interact with at least 5 to 7 people on an average per day who are so affected. Not being aware and sensitive to these issues puts the affected person and your interaction in a less favorable position for all concerned. It could be your relative, friend, colleague, co-passenger, student, teacher, boss, employee or even your employer.

There is a tendency to look down upon people who are suffering from psychological difficulties. It is almost as if it makes the other so called normal people feel superior to those who have problems. When fact is that those who have problems have not necessarily done anything deliberately or voluntarily to get into the position they find themselves in. Likewise, those who do not have these problems have not worked hard or are not superior in any way to be spared these difficulties.

Many people have multiple social, financial and family related problems which they cannot easily solve and that puts pressure which they find difficult to cope with. When this pressure continues to build unabated it predisposes the person to Mental Health issues. For so many others there is a biological or genetic vulnerability to be susceptible to these conditions. There is however a significant portion of people who develop mental health issues without any precipitating stressor or event. It is this latter group that is more reluctant to seek or get help.

It is time; we awaken to the realization that a person can have an emotional or psychological problem with or without a known cause just as one can have a physical problem.

Next time you encounter a friend or relative who is being difficult to interact with, do not just let them be. Talk to Them. Understand them, and explore if they have any emotional, behavioral or thinking related issues that they are struggling with. If you canít fix their issues, be bold and supportive in getting these people a chance to get professional help. Today it is them, tomorrow it could be us.

Everyone deserves a chance to be comfortable and happy. Depression is Treatable. Dare to Care!

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