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The Charismatic Caregiver

  By : , Florida, USA       26.2.2010         Mail Now
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Years ago, the idea of teaching charisma set me thinking. It only seemed natural that I should try to take on the task. In fact, no one was surprised when I mentioned that I was going to give seminars to nurses and esthetic clinicians on the subject. Everyone in my sphere of influence at the time had lively personalities themselves and worth every bit of the special attention they seem to gather. I, like so many others, was not just attracted to these highly engaging individuals but felt mesmerized from the second I came into contact with them. 

While researching the subject, everywhere I seemed to go, I would run across a person or persons that seem so unique that they would make me take pause. Rooms they entered appeared to be dark until they showed up. The minute they walked through the door the atmosphere changed. They brought with them light and humor, making the environment immediately more comfortable and good in there. Even the shy types who had previously been silent started to share their stories. 

The new picture they painted for me represented a fundamental lesson about personal power and how, by explaining the value of having special social skills, I could present charisma as a healing force. I noticed in the hospital where I worked, some people on staff were effortlessly helpful to patients by listening intently, while others sowed the seeds of further distress by ignoring those in need. Without a moment’s hesitation the charming caregivers would reply to patients with a worlds worth of compassion offering them an instant sense of relief. Whereas, other health care attendants were hesitant to help, struggling, or, so it appeared to offer even the minimum of assistance. 

It did not take long to understand why conversing with these magnetic personality types made me feel as if I was drunk with talk, it sometimes seemed like hours had passed before the euphoria of talking with them eventually wore off. Whereas, speaking with other more intimidating professionals to whom my qualifications were far from equal, made me feel awkward when I tried to communicate my thoughts to them. I would have to control my emotional responses until the icy climate that initially existed would eventually begin to thaw and despite their reserve, they would begin to relax and become somewhat neutralized. 

Looking back on the six years I taught charisma every month, I now see how the practices and principles I presented in my seminars helped so many people who had the mystery of what it takes to have a great personality - lifted. My attendees would come into my facility and I could see from their facial expressions that they took themselves very seriously. Many were all locked away inside their heads when they would sit down in their seats. Most sat quietly and totally within themselves, daydreaming until someone pulled up a chair next to them. Those that did speak did not really focus on the person in front of them instead they participated in random conversations concentrating more on things that were only of consequence to them. Rarely were they solely about being present. 

About an hour into my three hour sessions I begin to see a shift. Those who were aimlessly drifting were now completely captivated with the information I was giving out on the characteristics of charismatic caregivers which they had separated from me. They leaned forward to hear my every word and to take in all they could feeling the strength and power this knowledge was sure to provide. 


1. Are creative and unconventional people 
2. Are highly sought after
3. Work to improve the perspective of their patients lives
4. Are spontaneous 
5. Touch others deeply and personally
6. Use listening as a power tool
7. Project individuality
8. Broaden their power fields 
9. Are jump starters and motivators 
10. Never try to control people or take advantage of them
11. Understand what it means to be real and genuine 
12. Are worth special attention 
13. Know how to warm up people 
14. Have a visible power and that makes a statement when they enter a room 
15. Are never rude, discourteous or inconsiderate of others
16. Constantly appraise their own professional performance 
17. Never offend or embarrass others 
18. Are considerate
19. Recognize attitudes and qualities in others 
20. Are appreciative and receptive 
21. Are charitable and involved in community events
22. Have a pleasing speaking voice 
23. Speak only for themselves and not for others
24. Do not participate in the hard sell strategies when retailing products or services
25. Surround themselves with supportive people who appreciate them 
Never indulge in self-pity or talk about their inadequacies

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