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Why PRP Might Bring Your Hair Back!

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There are ways to get your hair back surgically that is hair transplant treatment which is done with various different methods. But in past few years, there has been a lot of research and studies on the ways to restore the hair and that too without surgery. And then, the PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma came into the scene as one of the most promising approaches to get your hair as well as self-esteem back.

Let’s start by looking at exactly what PRP is:

PRP is a non-surgical and therapeutic option for people who are suffering from hair loss. In fact, this is the best solution for people who are at a point where their hair loss has just started setting in. If the hair fall is extreme, then hair transplant may be the only option, but if you have just started noticing the changes in your hair, then this is the best possible way to get your hair back.

How PRP works?

Mesenchymal stem cells present in human blood contains unique elements required for the growth and development

of several aspects of the body. Platelets, which contain these cells are collected from your own body only and are then retreated and reintroduced into your body leading to a better growth of your hair. As the cells have been harvested from your own body only, therefore the chances of allergies and infections will also be less. This procedure works even better than a hair transplant because it stimulates the newly transplanted hair follicles.

How is this process taken out?

  • Blood will be taken out from your body only, and then this blood will be placed in a centrifuge.

  • In this centrifuge, the spinning action takes place which will separate the platelet rich plasma from the other aspects of blood.

  • This platelet rich plasma comprises growth factors which then will be injected into the scalp.

  • Generally, local anesthesia is administered, which makes the entire procedure pain free and comfortable for the patient. Once the procedure is over, the hair can be washed off and the patient can drive back home on their own and can get back to his daily activities. There could be many sessions for this procedure to get complete.

However, PRP works in most cases of generalized hair loss as well as thinning of hair, but the studies have shown that the results are better when PRP is used post a hair transplant. For the patients who are not eligible for the Hair Transplants, this therapy works marvelously to reduce the hair loss at least, if not completely stopped.

The growth factors that are most beneficial in regards to PRP therapy includes-

  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) — to promote blood vessel growth and skin formation.

  • Transforming Growth-Factor-Beta (TGF-b)—to promote the growth of matrix between cells.

  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)—To promote blood vessel formation

  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)—to support the cell growth, blood vessel and collagen formation.

  • Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2)—to promote the growth of specialized cells.

These growth factors in PRP can cause the growth of the hair follicles as they stimulate the stem cells and other cells of the hair follicle. The primary purpose of using this therapy in hair restoration is to slow or stop hair loss and promote new follicles.

Keep few things in mind before you look further to PRP, PRP therapy may not get good outcome if you

  • Smoke heavily.

  • Regularly consume alcohol

  • Possess a history of drug abuse

  • Possess Medical conditions like platelet dysfunction syndromes, thrombocytopenias, and hypofibrinogenemia, etc.

  • Have any kind of Metabolic or systemic disorders. etc.

And if you are not putting a tick for any of these problems, then you could be a good candidate for PRP therapy yet do consult an experienced doctor, before taking any decisions.

Post Care:

Avoid aspirin, caffeine, and alcohol after your treatments.

Expectations of Treatment Results:

Results will vary from patient to patient as the success of this treatment depends on your body responding well to your own PRP. However, there is no guarantee, but studies indicate that patients do respond to PRP therapy.

PRP has been used as a therapeutic adjunct therapy from decades to heal the skin, and therefore it has been proven to be as a successful medical treatment to treat hair loss issues with generally positive outcomes and success.

For more details and treatment, visit : http://www.nhtindia.com/hair-transplant-gurgaon.php

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