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Baby Massage Techniques

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Babies love massage,it can be fun giving baby massage. Here are some tips,pointers on how to massage baby.

Learn the Basics of Baby Massage

Baby massage has been in practice since ancient times and every premature baby massage article research review would extol the benefits of attending baby massage classes, and of using a baby massage kit. Babies love to be massaged, and all that a parent would require from a baby massage gallery, would be a soft warm towel, and some baby oil or lotion. Reading a baby massage research review would make first - time parents realize that a massage could mean anything as simple as a gentle after-bath rub, or a more organized infant massage.

The parent or caregiver could view a baby massage DVD on the techniques of a good baby massage, and attend baby massage classes where parents could watch baby massage for dummies to hone their skills. Typically baby bottles are designed to feed an infant, and come equipped with a nipple or teat. Choosing the right bottle for baby may require some research and browsing around, and testing for the right fit ( glass baby bottles that are of a compact size with flat sides are so much easier for baby to grip), but is well worth the time and effort spent. In fact, a well chosen bottle can help prevent baby suffering a stomach upset and a host of other problems. Ultimately, how you intend using the bottle will help you identify which bottle is correct for you.

Basic Baby Massage Techniques

A baby massage could vary from a casual tender rub down of baby's soft skin, to a more practiced, and focused massage. The basic technique for a message would deal mainly with how much pressure to use on baby's tender muscles and skin. To learn this would be first to close one's eyes and gently press the eyelids without feeling any discomfort. That is the amount of pressure that a parent or c aregiver must use when massaging baby. In the small areas, use little gentle strokes with the fingertips to caress baby's skin. In the larger areas, the palm of the hand can be used to massage baby's muscles softly under the skin. While massaging babies

Head Massage

Tenderly touch the forehead, the temples and work a gentle path down to the base of the cranium. Then with feather-light strokes, tenderly stroke the eyebrows, the eyelids, the cheeks and baby's little nose. Softly stroke the area around the mouth, and the ears.


Very, very gently touch the front part of the neck, lightly stroking a path to the back part where baby' skin can be massaged lovingly. Then slowly move down to the shoulders, and placing both hands on them, tenderly caress baby's soft skin from the neck down to the shoulders in the direction of the chest

Shoulder And Arms

Encircling baby's arm in the shape of a ring with the fingers and thumb, begin lightly to stroke around the armpit, and then gently caress down along the arm. The elbow is a very sensitive area, so the parent has to exercise extreme caution while touching baby's skin. Baby' wrists can be exercised gently by practicing little turning motions carefully.


Moving the hands in a clockwise direction starting from below the ribs, gently massage the abdomen using a tender circular motion, and excluding the genitalia area.


Never prop a bottle for feeding baby; as this could lead baby to choke. Bottle feeding baby should be a nurturing and fulfilling experience for both mother and infant. Propping a bottle deprives baby of the warm feel of mother's body

Heels and Feet

A really good foot massage not only helps relax baby, but is also known to reduce and settle stomach pain. The parent can start by first applying gentle pressure on each toe, then giving the whole foot a soft press, and finally return to the toes again, gently caressing them. At the heels, slow, circular motions can be applied.


Gently turn the baby on to the stomach. Always moving in one direction, apply deliberate and slow movements that include baby's head, neck, back and legs. Lightly stroke baby's neck, shoulders and back, using the fingertips to massage with circular movements. Remember not to massage the spinal cord, only place the hands gently over it; so that baby can feel the comforting warm sensation. Placing the hands at the top of baby's legs, use gentle soft strokes to work a path down towards the foot. Then start all over again, from the head to the toes, repeating the baby massage.

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