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All You Need to Know About Vitiligo!

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Fast Facts About Vitiligo

  • Vitiligo is a disease in which the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas.

  • Symptoms and signs of vitiligo include loss of skin color in the form of depigmented, or white, patches of skin in any location on the body.

  • Vitiligo can be focal and localized to one area, or it may affect several different areas on the body.

  • The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown, although most experts believe that it is an autoimmune condition in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys certain cells within the body.

  • Most people who have vitiligo will develop the condition prior to age 40; about half develop it before age 20.

  • Vitiligo may have a genetic component, as the condition tends to run in families.

  • Vitiligo is sometimes associated with other medical conditions, including thyroid dysfunction.

  • There is no way to determine if vitiligo will spread or remain confined to one location.

  • Vitiligo is not contagious or painful and does not have significant health consequences; however, it can have emotional and psychological consequences.

  • Some medical treatments can reduce the severity of the condition, but it can be difficult to cure.

  • There is no known way to prevent vitiligo.

How Is Vitiligo Treated?

Treatment may help make the skin look more even. The choice of treatment depends on:

  • The number of white patches

  • How widespread the patches are

  • The treatment the person prefers to use.

Some treatments are not right for everyone. Many treatments can have unwanted side effects. Treatments can take a long time.

Current treatment options for vitiligo include medical, surgical, and other treatments. Most treatments are aimed at restoring color to the white patches of skin.

Medical treatments include:

  • Medicines (such as creams) that you put on the skin

  • Medicines that you take by mouth

  • Phototherapy using Ultraviolet A or B rays

  • A treatment that uses medicine plus ultraviolet A (UVA) light (PUVA)

Surgical treatments include:

  • Skin grafts from a personís own tissues. The doctor takes skin from one area of a patientís body and attaches it to another area. This is sometimes used for people with small patches of vitiligo.

  • Tattooing small areas of skin.

Other treatments include:

  • Sunscreens

  • Cosmetics, such as makeup or dye, to cover the white patches

  • Counseling and support.

What Can People Do to Cope With Vitiligo?

When you have vitiligo, you may be upset or depressed about the change in your appearance. There are several things you can do to cope with the disorder:

  • Find a doctor who knows how to treat vitiligo. The doctor should also be a good listener and be able to provide emotional support.

  • Learn about the disorder and treatment choices. This can help you make decisions about your treatment.

  • Talk with other people who have vitiligo. A vitiligo group can help you find a support group (check your local listings). Family and friends are another source of support.

Some people with vitiligo have found that cosmetics that cover the white patches improve their appearance and help them feel better about themselves.

Vitiligo - Support Groups

  • Shweta Association
    Pune, Maharashtra
    Ph: 9520-25458760, 25440530
    Email: maya@myshewta.org

  • Leucoderma Awareness Movement (LAM)-INDIA
    No 4/8, Theiva Nagar first street, Patel Nagar, West Tambaram, (Near ESI Hospital),
    Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045
    Phone : 044 2226 5507, +91 96001 58690
    Email: leucodermafree@yahoo.in
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/Leucodermachennai/

  • Aarus Foundation
    Kudubunisha chawl, Gaondevi road, Poisar,
    Kandivali East, Behind Soni Medical, Mumbai - 400101, Maharashtra, India
    Contact :Akash Tiwari Phone : (+91)99302-59228
    Email: aarusfoundationvitiligo@gmail.com
    Website: https://www.aarusfoundationvitiligo.org/

  • Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation | VITSAF
    Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
    Email: vitsupng@gmail.com or info@vitsaf.org
    Website: www.vitsaf.org

  • Vitiligo Support International
    Lynchburg, Virginia
    Website: www.vitiligosupport.org

  • Vitiligo Research Foundation | VR Foundation
    New York, USA
    Email: info@vrfoundation.org
    Website: www.vrfoundation.org

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