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World No Tobacco Day: Cancer Surgeon's Message About Tobacco Smoking

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Dr. Donald John Babu, Surgical Oncologist at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, stressed that the battle against cancer cannot be won unless people win the fight against tobacco

On World No Tobacco Day, Dr. Donald John Babu raised awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco usage and stressed that tobacco is the major risk factor for cancer. "In India, we have seen a rise in pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth and the primary cause for this is chewing tobacco. Today, with the surging popularity of chewable or smokeless tobacco, particularly among the young, pre-cancerous lesions are on a rise. While radical strides are being taken at the cancer treatment front, the battle against cancer cannot be won unless we win the fight against tobacco," said Dr. Babu.

As per news reports, out of 10 lakh patients who die of cancer every year, 65% get cancer due to tobacco. "Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer in mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, lungs and uterus. By curbing tobacco usage a number of lives can be saved," said Dr. Babu.

'Swasth Sehat, Smridh Bharat' slogan given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi also aims at getting away with such practices of smoking, adds Dr. Babu. We at MGM Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, are committed to raise cancer awareness and fight against the disease. In line with its commitment, the hospital organizes several health camps and seminars.

Robotic surgeries [ ] proving revolutionary in the treatment of early stage cancer

Robot-assisted procedures are emerging as a groundbreaking alternative to traditional surgery and proving to be a boon for patients detected with early stage cancer of the prostrate, ovaries, mouth, neck and throat. After performing a successful robotic surgery on a 46-year-old man for rectum cancer, doctors at MGM Hospital recently carried out two more successful procedures for ovarian cancer patients.

The Robotic Cyto-reductive Surgery for ovarian cancer was performed by Dr. Donald John Babu, consultant onco-surgeon and director of the robotic programme at MGM Hospital on two residents of Navi Mumbai for Stage I and Stage II ovarian cancer. The surgeries were performed with advanced Da Vinci surgical system.

"With the help of a robot, complex procedures can be performed with enhanced accuracy, precision, and fewer complications. Robotic-assisted surgery makes it possible to do some procedures in a minimally invasive way, which otherwise require open surgery," said Dr. Donald John Babu.

In robotic surgery, the arms of the robot are strategically placed inside the body of the patient and allow the surgeon to access areas that his/her hands probably couldn't reach.

A Robot-assisted surgery involves smaller incision as compared to traditional open surgery, which in turn minimizes blood loss and reduces overall recovery time significantly. "Robotic surgery offers benefits such as shorter hospital stay, lesser pain, lower risk of infection, less blood loss, less scars, fewer transfusions, faster recovery and return to normal life," said Dr. Babu.

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