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'DEPRESSION : LET'S TALK' - Treatment for Depression

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  Article by Dr T R John, Consultant Psychiatrist, Aster Medcity, Kochi

Depression is a silent killer!!

Untreated Depression is the most important cause of suicide. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in all adult age group especially the most productive 19-29 year old. In Kerala, in 2014 , about 4000 persons died in road traffic accidents and a mind boggling 8500 persons died by suicide. One person commit suicide every hour in Kerala, the state with one of the highest rate of suicides in India. Hence there is an urgent need for earlier and better identification and treatment of Depression.

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Burden of Depression

Depression is one of the commonest diseases in the world. World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 Depression will contribute maximum to the disease burden of the world. Situation in India and our own Kerala is no different. Depression can affect any one of any age group. As per 2016 survey 9% of Population shows symptoms of significant depressive disorders. One survey showed that upto 40% of elderly show significant depressive symptoms that require medical intervention. Women are twice

more likely to suffer from Depression than men. Among children Depressive illnesses are becoming more common and affecting younger age groups.

Majority of these patients remains undiagnosed and untreated. The failure to differentiate between depression as a common emotional reaction and the more serious depression as a disease is the main reason this inadequate treatment. Because the depressive response that occurs as a reaction to losses disappears with time it is wrongly assumed that the depressive disease will also disappear with time. The stigma related to all psychological disorders is another major obstacle for help seeking. Ignorance, absence of adequate resources and disproportionate reliance on non medical treatment methods including faith healing worsens the problem. It is estimated that less than one fourth of depressive patients receive adequate help.

Letís Talk about Depression

WHO has acknowledged the importance of treatment of Depression and has chosen ďDepression: Letís TalkĒ as theme for this yearís World Health Day celebrations on 7th Apr 2017. By this WHO hopes to educate everyone that Depression is a disease of the brain and like any other diseases it too has effective and simple treatments that are freely available. It also wants to emphasize that its all right to talk about it and one must seek effective help at the earliest to prevent complications like suicide. It hopes to reduce the stigma and clear the misconceptions surrounding the disease. Towards achieving this goal WHO is encouraging newspaper and other media campaigns, lectures, seminars and other promotional and educational activities across the Globe.

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