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5 important factors to look into in any Air Ambulance service

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Using air ambulance service in Delhi is a great way to save time when taking a critically injured or ill patient to a hospital. But the aircraft used for airlifting patient must be equipped for the job.

If you are looking for air ambulance service in Delhi then you should know what to look into the service. There are five essential elements that you should keep in mind when looking for this service. 

Ground support

It is the first and most important factor to look into before you book an air-ambulance for a patient. The patient will be dropped at an airport from where he will be transported to nearest medical facility. If the aircraft isnít connected to ground support, you will have to arrange for a medical van to transport your patient to a nearest hospital. Objective of airlifting a patient is to save time but all the efforts will go in vain, if the service isnít connected to ground support. 


You believe that the air ambulance service in Delhi will provide due care to your patient but you should make sure that the aircraft used for transporting patients has an experienced and reliable team of doctors and paramedics needed to take care of the patients while they are airlifted. Your patient should get due care until he reaches a healthcare facility, where he gets proper medical attention. You can ask the service provider to give details of the paramedical staff.


Aircrafts used for transporting patients are special airplanes equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and facilities. In addition to ECG and x-ray facilities, the aircrafts have life saving devices like defibrillator and oxygen. Critically injured or ill patients are transported safely in the aircrafts that are more like air-hospitals than simple airplanes. Check whether the aircraft that is going to airlift your patient is equipped for transporting the patients like yours.


What if you want to travel with your patient to ensure safe transportation? Could the aircraft accommodate a caretaker? Know it before hiring air ambulance service as you might want to come with the patient. If you make your mind to go with the patient in last minute and the aircraft turns down your request, you will feel discouraged. 

Tracking system

Relatives of the patient will certainly want to stay connected to the aircraft airlifting the patient. If the aircraft has a tracking system, it will be a great help for the relatives of patient waiting for good news of the patient safely shifted to a hospital. Advantage of tracking service is that it provides peace of mind to the relatives and friends of patients. 

Price could also be concern, if you have limited resources for fund generation. If you are looking for air ambulance service in Delhi then you should keep these five elements in mind so that you get the service you need. In other words, you will be able to provide real help to your patient.

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