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Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra talks about Lightening Citrus C Face Therapy

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Our skin faces many environmental onslaughts and internal deficiencies. Years of exposure to the harsh sun can often leave your skin tanned, scarred and lifeless. Add to it the daily dose of dirt and impurities that stick to the skin, and you know under how much your dermis remains. The impurities that get trapped in the skin pores are usually the cause of dreadful breakouts and skin infections. The acne breakouts may passť but they will leave scars and marks for life. Besides the sun and dust, urban pollution is another major source of worry for the skin. Day or night, the roads of our cities are choc a bloc with traffic and vehicular pollution, whose particles stick to our skin and cause gradual harm. Another constant factor in skin rejuvenation is age. With advancing years, the skin loses the sheen of its youth and elasticity, making it appear dull, dry and lifeless. 

At SkinAlive Clinics, we provide a wonderful solution to the problem of skin darkening, lifelessness and impurities, in Lightening Citrus C Face Therapy. In this therapy an enriching facial mask is created using valuable ingredients that help revive the skin and fight the sings of ageing and environmental damage.

Lightening Citrus C Face Therapy uses lightening plant extracts, Vitamin C and marine extracts to help lift impurities from the skin and deep cleanse. The therapy improves complexion and clarity by removing tan, improves the texture of the skin, and cleanses away possibilities of infection and breakouts.

Plant extracts that are known for their skin lightening ability are used in the procedure as ingredients of the enriching facial masks. Skin darkening is a common problem faced by people in everyday life as they spend time outdoors for work or leisure. Over time, the sun exposure builds up and causes a lot of damage to the skin including not just tanning but also dark circles, pigmentation and fine lines around the eyes. Lightening plant extracts help fight consolidated sun damage.

Vitamin C as we all know has immense benefits for the skin. It is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in our body and also to produce collagen Ė the protein that helps keep the skin tighter and younger. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity as its collagen production capacity reduces with time. By helping boost collagen production, Vitamin C helps the skin fight
the signs of ageing. It also improves absorption of iron and helps strengthen our immune system to fight infections. Another crucial role played by vitamin C is fighting free radical damage that is a common side effect of ageing. Free Radical damage is one of the main causes of skin ageing and dullness, and vitamin C helps neutralize the free radicals roaming around in the body. Vitamin C also helps fight tanning and skin darkening and adds a special glow to your face.

Marine life is a natural reserve of minerals and beneficial elements developed under the sea. Components derived from marine life are known to have wonderful effects on the skin as they
offer minerals in high concentration. Marine extracts used in this facial therapy revitalize dull and tired looking skin. It helps boost skinís ability to balance moisture levels and fight negative environmental effects. Marine polysaccharides, which are a form of essential carbohydrates or chain like sugars, give the skin a health boost. They aid skinís ability to retain water and thereby help repair and renewal.


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