Monday, July 4, 2022

The People


Death Rituals

The dead are cremated as a rule. Kanpara-Jogis bury their dead like Muslims and Christians. Post cremation rites include a twelve day mourning in the case of females and a thirteen day mourning in the case of males. The last ceremony is called Tehramee, feasts after death are now less common.

Hindus as a rule believe in transmigration. The idea was that if one fed people in the memory of the dead, they would also benefit from it. They believe that the elderly dead of the family have been born elsewhere. All the Hindus believe that for the salvation of the soul of the dead certain ceremonies are essential. One of these is to carry the bones of the dead to Hardwar and throw them in the Ganges which purifies every thing. The influence of the Brahmins is still predominant and without them most of the ceremonies would be incomplete.