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Stock & Commodity Tips

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“Stock Market – One of the most exciting places!” Isn’t it correct? I know every nine out of ten people will say that. Every second and every minute is decisive and brings a change. Several eyes are on computer screens to watch the stocks moving up and down like a Camel. And who rides on this camel surely enjoys the ride. At the end of the day some people are in loss and some in gain. But what so ever result may be they are again setting their minds, ideas and actions to go in the morning and play another inning of their life - To play with shares, to play with stocks

, to play with commodity, to play with bullion. All have their mind busy in reading the trends which a particular stock is following for the week and before that and they make a picture of the forthcoming performance of this mammoth stock market in their mind. Their ears echo with the words “Whatever may be the result but we have to invest as it’s all about excitement and thrill”. And really there can’t be more thrill in any other game. Not even in a cricket match between India and Pakistan.

Now the question is how to invest?
When an investor starts investing in the stocks or the commodity market he has some prominent exchanges to invest in. Few important ones are as follows:


  1. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange): BSE is the oldest stock exchange in Asia and has the greatest number of listed companies in the world, with 4700 listed as of August 2007. Here the trading in stocks takes place. It is located at Dalal Street, Mumbai, India. On 31 December 2007, the equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the BSE was US$ 1.79 trillion, making it the largest stock exchange in South Asia and the 12th largest in the world. BSE’s key index is sensex.

  2. NSE (National Stock Exchange): It is the largest stock exchange in India in terms of daily turnover and number of trades, for both equities and derivative trading. NSE has a market capitalization of around Rs 47, 01,923 crore (7 August 2009) and is expected to become the biggest stock exchange in India in terms of market capitalization by 2009 end. NSE’s key index is Nifty.

  3. MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange): MCX is an independent commodity exchange based in India. It was established in 2003 and is based in Mumbai. The turnover of the exchange for the period Apr-Dec 2008 was INR 32 Trillion. MCX offers futures trading in Agricultural Commodities, Bullion, Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals, Pulses, Oils & Oilseeds, Energy, Plantations, Spices and other soft commodities.

  4. NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited): NCDEX is an online commodity exchange based in India. It was incorporated as a private limited company incorporated on April 23, 2003 under the Companies Act, 1956. It obtained its Certificate for Commencement of Business on May 9, 2003. It has commenced its operations on December 15, 2003. NCDEX is a closely held private company which is promoted by national level institutions and has an independent Board of Directors and professionals not having vested interest in commodity markets.


What are Stocks?

Plain and simple, stock is a share in the ownership of a company. Stock represents a claim on the company's assets and earnings. As you acquire more stock, your ownership stake in the company becomes greater. Whether you say shares, equity, or stock, it all means the same thing.

When you buy the shares of a company you become one of the many owners of that much portion of a company. In other words you own a part of the company.

How to Trade in Stocks?
An investor can open the required accounts (Demat and Trading) with a registered broker with NSE or BSE (whichever exchange he want to deal with) and start purchasing and selling the stock of his wish.

What are Commodities?
A commodity is some good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. It is a product that is the same no matter who produces it. Generally, these are basic resources and agricultural products such as iron ore, crude oil, coal, ethanol, salt, sugar, coffee beans, soybeans, aluminum, copper, rice, wheat, gold, silver and platinum in which trading is done throughout the Commodities of the world.

How to Trade in Commodities?
For trading in commodities an investor have to open a commodity account with either MCX or NCDEX (whichever commodity exchange he wants to trade in) and start buying and selling commodities.
But dealing with the stock and the commodity market is nothing less than solving a complicated problem in mathematics. You have to apply algorithms, use formulae, study trend and above all analyze the market properly before you actually start investing. Without all these steps your money will go in waste and you may incur huge losses. 
Some of the basic tips for increasing profits and minimizing losses in the stock and the trading market are:

  1. Cut Your Losses

  2. Let Your Profits Run

  3. Follow the Trend

  4. Don`t Overtrade

  5. Always Trade Liquid Stocks

  6. Keep Positions Small

  7. Don`t Buy Something Because it Looks Cheap

  8. Take tips and advises from proven experts.

So if you are planning to invest in the stock and the commodity market then see, analyze and then act. There are many tips providing companies which are giving tips on how and where to invest your money in the share market. They tell you exactly which stock is beneficial to invest. They give you ideas about when and what to buy and when to sell. Follow the rules and you will surely be the winner.


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13 - 10 - 2011

Excellent tips. Really useful stuff. Never had an idea about this, will look for more of such informative posts from your side.. Good job...Keep it up

   Mcx Tips, Indore
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7 - 10 - 2011

I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information. And I'll love to read your next post too. Regards Mcx Tips

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I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

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17 - 5 - 2011

I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well. Thanks.

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11 - 5 - 2011

Very good post, I was really searching for this topic, as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet, that is why it was very difficult to understand. Thank you for sharing this.

   bharat, aligarh
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27 - 3 - 2010

Good platform to know the market basic for future investment

   Deepak verma, new delhi
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29 - 10 - 2009

i liked the suggestions given in this mail, but i want to invest money in share market, but no idea of this line please tell me how to start and what to watch to invest in share market. regards, DEEPAK VERMA

   Riya, Delhi
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25 - 9 - 2009

Nice to know about Stock Market. Thanx for Suggestion .


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