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7 Irreversible Health Mistakes We Make in Our 20s

  By : , Delhi, India       23.2.2018         Mail Now

Shakespeare said, “Age I do abhor thee, Youth I do abhor thee.”

Youth in their 20s are so lively, vibrant and exuberant that they forget about the limitations. But today in the sedentary lifestyle of 21st century, do people in their 20s care about their health or do they bother about having a health insurance ?

No matter you believe it or not, but the health decisions you make in your 20s will delineate the panorama of your life down the road. The decade is all about discovering new things, taking on new challenges, committing mistakes, learning from them, and progressing towards being the person you want to be. Moreover, you might invincible in your 20s, but the common health mistakes you make might turn out to be serious when you become older. And because of this, there is no time better than your 20s to trench all bad health habits and get on to being that makes you a better person.

Some say that 20s are for learning and 30s are meant for earning. 20s are the best time to toughen up because it is the time to experiment, fail, and bounce back. So, start teaching yourself how to be emotionally and mentally resilient to confront both the joys and hardships to come. No one in this world is perfect, but there are sundry of things you cannot ignore when it comes to your health. Science proves that certain behaviors or habits account for your well-being, while others have a negative impact on you, causing suffering later in your life. Though you get swept away by every random gust in your 20s, but the simple choices you make today will set you up for future success and beyond. So, let us illuminate you all with the irresistible health mistakes we make in our 20s.

How’s your water drinking going?
There might be chances that you are not drinking enough water because staying hydrated has oodles of advantages towards your well-being. Water helps in cleaning all the toxins from your body through the kidneys. You should be having at least 6-8 ounce glasses a day. You would be amazed by the impact of being hydrated leaves on our mood and the overall functioning of the body.

Is your breakfast in full swing?
A research states that it is the breakfast which is most often skipped meal in your 20s. Skipping your breakfast is like running your car without fuel; you will not get very far. It is easy to rush out of your place and rely on a coffee to get you through until the lunch, but skipping your first meal i.e. breakfast can have serious consequences on your health. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, so make some time in the morning to have your breakfast.

Even the packet of cigarettes warns us with that heart-rending warning written on it that smoking is injurious to our health. It goes without saying that smoking does not favor our health at all; rather it makes you hollow from the inside. So stop showcasing that flamboyant image of yours with a cigarette in your mouth and taking a drag in style. Among many pernicious effects, smoking just ruins your skin, causes cancer, and has a detrimental effect on your sexual life. So, why not quit smoking that has nothing to do with our health because the best time to quit it is your 20s.

It is of no surprise that drinking is not at all good for your health, but those in their 20s are more inclined towards such adverse habits. Alcohol not only affects your immune system, but also leads to liver failure, depression, and high blood pressure. As we age, breaking bad habits becomes much more difficult, so keep your drinking in check as long as your liver has a soft corner for you.

Are you practicing safe-sex?
Sometimes it seems as if practicing safe sex is much easier in theory than in reality. You always need to protect yourself both physically and emotionally; no matter you are into a monogamous relationship or engaged into casual sex. For once in a year, you should get yourself tested for STDS (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Also peeing after sex is highly advisable.

Sedentary Lifestyle
Do you really move around enough? Our hopes and goals in our lives fade away with our sedentary lifestyle. A study shows that people who sit more than 4 hours a day have higher health risks. However, such lifestyle is considered to be worse than smoking cigarettes. Time and tide waits for none, and so is life which does not slows down ever. So, move your ass before you become an obese statistic in this present day rife.

In spite of such a bad lifestyle, do we have health insurance?
Even after being so cruel with our lifestyle, we ignore the need of medical insurance. With rising health insurance costs, irregular earning because of impulsive career decisions and declining quality of life, be it because of pollution or bad eating habits or anything else, how on earth are we planning to survive in good health? Face the reality and get yourself a health insurance before the unanticipated hits you hard and leaves you bankrupt.

Striving for your personal and professional goals in your 20s is very promising, so it is better not to end up with regrets. You need to discover the balance in your life and it does not mean that you restrict yourself within the 4 walls of your house. You just need to be more aware so as to curb all the chances of facing a midlife crisis. So take these health decisions you can't skip once you start earning and avoid the mistakes we just talked about.

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