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Butterfly Board

Butterfly Board
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Butterfly board is an easy DIY - 'do it yourself ' craft, even children can try out.

Socks Snowman
Materials required : -
» Thermocol sheet 1
» Glue 1 tube
» Chart paper 1 sheet
» Craft paper gray, pink, brown, green and yellow
» Pin few
» Scissors 1
» Cutting knife 1

Butterfly template of medium size

cutting the white socks

Step 1:- Cut out the Thermocol sheet in 30cm X 30 cm size.

cutting the white socks

Step 2:- Apply glue all over the Thermocol sheet and cover the entire sheet with chart paper.

cutting the white socks

Step 3:- Now using the butterfly template, cut out the butterfly pattern. You may fold the pattern in half and draw the outline over the craft paper using a ball pen.

cutting the white socks

Step 4:- Following the outline, cut out the multi color butterfly figures using scissors.

cutting the white socks

Step 5:- Collect as many butterfly figures as possible and pin it to the chart paper cover thermocol sheet like this. Our multi colored butterfly board is ready to be hung on the wall. Hang it in your living room and see how beautiful it looks on your wall.


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